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Yes, the Stars do influence us, but we have the power to impact the stars as well. In fact, know it or not, we are already doing that either consciously or unconsciously.

Our lives are a reflection and demonstration of how we have directed our stars and signs. If we’re caught up in fear, worry and apprehension, we are preventing the magic of the heavens from penetrating us.

You don’t need to be an Astrologer or student of Astrology to apply Astrological Alchemy, an Art which is practical and proven.

Sondráya, invites you to have a session with her; peruse her articles; experiment, put into practice some of the suggestions therein. They are designed to help you elevate your vibration to match the magical emanations of your Stars. Should you choose to do so, you just may have your own alchemical miracles to share!


About Sondráya


Sondráya is passionate about sharing practical ways for you to open yourself to your True Divine Nature, through the Mystical Art of Astrology. She is committed to serving, educating and helping individuals attune to the Magnificent Spiritual Renewal of our times being brought about by Neptune in Pisces, a once-in-165-year happening!

Since 1974, Sondráya has dedicated her life to Spiritual Awakening. She lives alchemy 24/7. Her mission is to inform, inspire, and offer astrological alchemy that can assist you to connect with your inner power and support you in re-membering your Divinity and living your dreams.

In her private sessions and classes, Sondráya encourages an awareness of your Cosmic Identity. When we set our intent to go beyond societal programming and conditioning, we place ourselves in the position to be “Lifted” out of mere human limited identity into our multidimensionality, the Reality of who we Truly are.

Astrology is at the core of all Sondráya’s offerings. It is inherent in every discipline Sondráya has mastered: palmistry, tarot, sacred dance, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Sondráya has shared her reading, healing and Sacred Dance gifts in Sweden, Brazil, Russia, Italy and Hungry as well as throughout the US. She is a Spiritual Alchemist, Astrologer, Palmist, a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and Self-Help Instructor, as well as a lifetime student of Qabalah.

Her professional achievements include: Lead Astrologer for Astro-Phone, the first nationwide telephone company in the U.S; was the third Astrologer privately trained by the late Jim Lewis to work for Astro*Carto*Graphy; hosted a late night radio talk show in SF; Certified NLP Success Coach; Certified by Roger LaChance as a practitioner and teacher of La Methode Relacher Francaise; teacher of “A Course In Miracles.”

Recognized as a natural born Priestess in the African tradition, Ifá and as a natural born Medicine Woman in the American Indian tradition. Sondráya was fully ordained as a minister by the renowned Dr. Willard Fuller in the Christian vernacular. This has afforded her to be federally approved to perform laying on of hands, weddings and funerals in all of the 50 states.



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