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Astro-Alchemy Readings

 Beyond Prediction

Your Birth Chart, also known as your ‘natal’ chart, can be used as your personal celestial operations manual to help you remember your cosmic qualities and manifest your dreams.

Your chart is constantly being triggered by current planetary positions in the heavens overhead. This information can be used as a personal clock or ‘weather’ report indicating your unique cycles of sowing, growing, weeding and harvest of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states.

Understanding of your unique inner clock allows you to make choices appropriate to your soul.  When your “Inner Divine” is consciously aligned with the Cosmos, the communication lines between you and your stars open, making the co-creation of your destiny possible if not inevitable.

Discover your Soul Calling
Connect with that aspect of you that knows exactly what you want to do and what first steps to take to living your new reality.  This is a combo; NLP and Astrology.

Natal Birth Chart Reading
“What planets were prominent when I was born? How are they affecting me?
What’s my rising sign.  What impact does it have on me?  Where’s my moon?  What do the stars say about my planetary purpose and personality?”

Your Personal Weather Report
Current Chart Update:  Your Transits and Progressions.
“What are my stars transmitting right now?  What can I do to utilize their transmissions to the fullest?  What do you see as a potential future?”

Question / Answer Session
What do you want to know about your life, your chart, your natural talents and inclinations, your partner, your best place to live, job and financial potential, health, your challenges and opportunities…

Readings can be combined with ‘Astrological Touch’ a method of managing your planetary aspects by touching their corresponding points on your body.

Future is not set. Receive celestial understanding to help you align with your Higher Mind and create the future best for you.

Astrological Reading via phone or in person. Contact us to schedule yours.


Relocation Astrology (Astro*Carto*Graphy)

Planning a move?  ACG is a fascinating system where a map of the world overlays your birth chart and displays your unique zones of personal power.

For every goal or dream, there is your ‘best place’ where planetary forces align helping you attract greater luck, opportunity, personal power and Spiritual Growth. Some places are more conducive to spiritual awakening, creative pursuits and romance, others are better for attracting money and career opportunities… Have an Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) reading to discover the best place on the planet for you to live or visit. Yes, you can plan your vacations to purposely activate a particular power zone!

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Soul Revealing

Esoteric Tarot Card Readings

Sondráya’s Esoteric Tarot readings differ from the traditional.  She uses Tarot to help you see your personal affairs in light of your “Divinity.”

Whatever your issue – relationship, career, finance, spiritual guidance… After viewing it from the prospective of the “Higher Picture” you will be able to apply action to unleash the ‘spiritual opportunities’ tucked inside any challenge.

When your Higher Mind is free, it can make choices that can deliver you into “The Flow” where ‘Divine Arrangements’ abound. When we’re centered in our natural state – free of doubt, control and fear – we find we are lovingly taken care of by Life Herself.

Readings via phone or in person. Contact us to schedule yours.


Palm Readings

by phone?


There is a powerfully revealing aspect of Palmistry that is based on your birthdate that can most certainly be done by phone. Sondráya calls this your Soul Cycle. It is a combination of Palmistry, Astrology and Tarot.

Knowing your Soul Cycle for each year, not only gives you celestial understanding of your current challenges and opportunities, but provide you with your personal ‘Keys’ for meeting them in a ‘Magical’ way.

Of course if you’re in my neighborhood, we can assess your natural gifts… emotional, mental, spiritual life… as revealed in your hands. The lines, mounds, texture etc. tell your story of your life, how you see your self and your world. Change your view, change your life.

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Combination Readings

Combination readings often occur spontaneously according to need – or you may select your combo, i.e., Astro/Astrological Touch, Palmistry/Tarot…