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NOW OFFERING Computerized Chart Interpretations!  See Below



Natal Birth Chart Reading
Includes Transits and Progressions
First time client: $225   Established client $180


Your Personal Transit Weather Report
First time client: $170   Established client $150


Discover your Soul Calling 
First time or  Established client: $170


Question / Answer Session
Established client:  $35 for 10 minutes;   $75 for 1/2 hr;   $150 for 1 hr


$150 includes an overview of your birth, transit, and progressed charts, and a detailed assessment of 3 places.  $25 for each additional location.  Please note our call time is approx 20 mins.   It takes well over an hour to do all the assessments.




Introductory rate is $25 each, valued at $35.

A free copy of your birth chart is included with all reports.


If you can not ascertain your birth  time, we will create a chart using the sign and degree of your Sun
as your rising sign.   (This is what Magazine and Newspaper Sun Sign Astrologers use to compile their monthly predictions.)

Birth chart (natal) computerized report

Your natal horoscope, or birth chart, is a snapshot of the heaven
at the moment you were born.  The symbolism of the planets that
surrounded you at birth describes your character and personality.
If you have your birth time, this report will give you the placements
of all your planets, your rising sign and midheaven with interpretations.

If you don’t have your birth time we will use sign and degree of your Sun
as your rising sign.   (This is what Magazine and Newspaper Astrologers
use to compile their monthly predictions.)


6 month Transit computerized report

Interprets how the planets in the heavens overhead are influencing you.
It provides valuable information regarding opportunities and key challenges
during this period.


Solar Return computerized report

Your Solar Return chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment that
the Sun returns to its natal position each year- this occurs within a couple
of days of your birth day.

This chart analyses the planetary positions, and the aspects that they make
to each other, from birthday to birthday.  It gives valuable information
regarding the qualities and the key challenges for this year-long period of time.


Computerized reports are hand calculated and emailed to you within 3 business days.  For faster service please call the number on the contact page.  Thank you.

To schedule your personal Astrological reading with Sondráya, please click the link below.  Thank you.

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Please note computerized charts do not interpret eclipses.  However, during the eclipse season or upon request, I will personally add a notation letting you know which house i.e. area of life is being affected by the eclipse.