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While it may appear there are a lot of offerings on this site and on this page, the fact is Astrology and Qabalah are the back bone of all this work. Be it astrology readings, astrological healing, or sacred dance, we are always addressing your cosmic blue print.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

A hands-on body, mind, spirit healing art that, in itself, embraces Astrology, Numerology and Qabalah therefore it has it’s own page so please click the above link.

Astrological Touch

Astrological Touch is a result of over 40 years as an Astrologer, Reader, Healer and Emotional Release Instructor in combination with the Art of Jin Shin Jytsu.

You can influence your astrological makeup through touch. There are places on your body that correspond to the signs and planets. As we cleanse, clear and balance your planetary flows – the you that you are not begins to disappear – fears, worries, anxieties, grief – These emotional states are a part of the illusion, the way you have been taught to imagine yourself to be. The real You is at peace. You can learn to shift your identification – from the illusion of you to the real you – through the application of your personal Astrological holds.

You may choose to lie down and relax deeper into you while I apply AstroTouch – or – combine AstroTouch with an Astrological Reading. Either way, you will go home with your unique self healing flows.

Session in person only.

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If you are in the area, you are encouraged to experience AstroTouch  in person. However, we can work via the phone.

Hands on Emotional Healing  

Activates the Miracle in you..

A relaxing, safe and loving environment is created for emotional release and the transformation of stuck energies:
Abandonment issues, anxiety, fear, depression, low self worth can all be transformed into energies that support your power and truth.

Emotional Healing Sessions encourage Spiritual deepening and revelatory insight allowing you to:

* connect deeply with the core of your being
* contact your angels and guides
* expand your self love and certainty

Every session is unique to your personal needs. Together, with our Higher Guidance and your intentions we bring through what is appropriate in the moment for you. Often there is a mix of dialogue and touch.

While the method used is different for each, the end result can be the same – Greater Self awareness, Self healing and Freedom.

This session is in person only.

Alchemical Moves

The Power of Movement has been used since ancient times. Movement can shift our moods, alter our course and free our Spirit. There are Sacred Postures and movements to enhance your life in every area. As you free your body, you free your mind and spirit.. Sacred Dance is playful, prayerful, sensuous, spiritual and fun. – If you can move your body, you can dance. In fact, walking and rocking is a form of dancing.

Self Healing thru Touch & Alchemical Moves   

There are strategic places on your body that when touched or tapped will alleviate stress; release feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and fears; help you undo limiting subconscious blocks and patterns as well as help you stay connected to Source…

Your body is a key to your awakening, and physical healing. Your hands are healing tools. They are capable of managing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. The application of ‘ touch’ encourages your body to begin to naturally dissolve blocks to health and happiness.  You will be given self help touch and moves to continue your self healing at home.

Sessions are given in private, in group, in person and some work can be by phone.

Your Personal Sedona Spiritual Healing Retreat

A Sedona healing retreat can empower you to meet the vast changes taking place on the planet in the spirit of grace not fear.

Imagine yourself empowered and connected to your spiritual core. Then see yourself integrating and grounding your healing in the transformative vortexes of Sedona.

It all starts with a phone interview. Together we determine your healing needs and the best place for you to stay – be it a traditional hotel or a secluded Sedona setting.

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