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A spiritual practice that connects you to the core of the earth.  It allows you to stay present and focused.

One way to ground: Connect to your feet; connect your feet to Mama Earth.  Imagine you have roots reaching to her core.  Feel her aliveness flowing in and through you. Let her heal and support you in staying in your power.

Why ground? We simply cannot integrate the frequencies of the planets if we are not present and grounded. The power of the celestial energies at this time  could fry us or pass by us if we are not fully present.


For centuries, mudras, that is, special finger positions, have been used to help us heal, relax and enter into deeper states of consciousness.  It can be used to help yourself to receive the highest of frequencies from planetary emanations.  I use mudras from Palmistry and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Application:  Exhale, let go, drop your shoulders, smile… then in a focused and relaxed manner hold the designated finger or  body position and breathe.

Example:  In the Art of Palmistry, Venus, rules the thumbs.  The simple act of holding your thumbs can help you stay in the waves of Venus.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu “JSJ”  holding the thumbs helps your stomach, helps you to ground, to digest both food and experiences.  It helps to calm down the tendency to worry and much more…


Nodes  n node s node
The north and south nodes of the moon, to many astrologers, are the most important keys in astrology. They hold the secret to the purpose of our life.   They are not planets. They are mathematical points that fall in opposite signs of the zodiac. The North node speaks of our now, the South node speaks of our past.


In the Ifa African tradition, Orishas are like Angels in that we can call upon them for help and guidance.  The Orishas also represent the personification of the Planets.

There are many different views as to which Orisha corresponds to which Planet.  The following are mine.

Sun              Obatala
Moon           Yemoja
Mercury       Elegba
Venus          Oshun
Mars            Ogun
Jupiter         Shango
Saturn         Babaluaiye
Uranus        Oya
Neptune      Olokun
Pluto            Aganju

Quantum RealityISS013-E-77965 (5 Sept. 2006) --- A setting sun and Earth's horizon are featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 13 crewmember on the International Space Station.
Modern physicists do not have a single picture of “the way the world really is;” instead there are eight ideas of “quantum reality.” These eight views of reality are quite different; yet all are considered by leading scientists to be valid, or a least successful in terms of explaining experiments.

Worldviews of Prominent Physicists and Philosophers

  • There is no deep reality.
  • Reality is created by observation.
  • Reality is an undivided wholeness.
  • Reality consists of a steadily increasing number of parallel universes
  • The world obeys a non-human kind of reasoning.
  • The world is made of ordinary objects
  • Consciousness creates reality
  • The world is twofold, consisting of potentials and actualities

Scientists will admit that quantum theories do not correspond to “common sense”—meaning, the law of cause and effect. The principal features of quantum theory contradict “cause and effect” relationships by assuming that random, spontaneous events can and do occur within a quantified limit (specified by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).

The majority of leading modern physicists seriously believe the first view; “There is no deep reality” and claim that there is no objective reality. For them, “physics is not physical, but metaphysical.” from http://www.commonsensescience.org/quantum_reality.html
Image credit: NASA / International Space Station.

Tree of Life JPEG

Soul Cycle
Is determined thru the combining of your birth date with Astrology, Palmistry and Tarot.  It
helps you understand your year to year destiny, what you’re meant to learn and share.
Knowing your personal Soul Cycle is most beneficial for navigating the sometimes rocky seas
of life.  Helping you to transform ‘glitches’ into gifts.

Tree of Life
…is a glyph, …which is intended to represent the cosmos in its entirety and the soul
of man as related thereto.” Dion fortune, The Mystical Qabalah.

There are ten circles called the ten Holy Sephiroth or ten Holy Emanations. “Each Sephirah… is a phase of evolution… the connecting lines are called Paths… or phases of subjective consciousness… by which the soul unfolds its realization of the cosmos…” ibid.

In other words, the Tree of Life is a map of consciousness that speaks to both our subconscious and conscious mind.
One can meditate upon it for lifetimes without exhausting its’ revelatory meaning.


TreeOfLife permission to post from Joan Rush, wife of J Owen Swift


In both astrology and historical astronomy, the zodiac is a circle of EclipticSignModeltwelve 30° divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year.  Wikipedia


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