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Jupiter Straddles a Libra Jeweled Saddle

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Jupiter straddles a Libra jeweled saddle
As he gallivants through her sign of balance, love and art

After this month’s astrological overview
We’ll put strict logic away
Permit pure poetry to have its sway.

First we’ll look at the dance of the planets and how best to elicit their highest:

oct16-img1Jupiter is now in Libra
Venus is in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces until the 8th. On the 18th Venus enters Sagittarius
Between 21 – 31 Venus in Sag squares Neptune
Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces 1-4th
Jupiter in Libra Squares Mars in Capricorn 1-16
Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces.
Uranus in Aries conjuncts Eris all month
Full Moon October 15, 9:23pm PDT at 23˚Aries

Venus begins the month in Scorpio in trine to Neptune. On the 18th she moves to Sag and later squares Neptune. Both these aspects along with the Mercury opposite Chiron pairing can excavate buried emotional wounds which Neptune can easily distort. However, if we remain balanced in our heart, these aspects can be petitioned to help us bring to light the most rooted of our relationship wounds for the purpose of ‘death’ing’ then resurrecting a more divine aspect of love. This combo is great to create transformative art.

On a more metaphysical level, the Venus/Neptune and Jupiter contacts can allow those who are willing, to penetrate the boundaries of form and cultivate relationships with ‘unseen’ entities. They may be angels, guides or even the dearly departed.

In my case, as a result of training to be a full body trance medium, I have now had several such profound experiences. Meditation is an excellent bridge for initiating such contacts.

The Jupiter Square Mars can be used to cut loose from the old boss and control game. This can be a reminder to beware of any tendency to force our views on our partners and friends. It can help us be more firm in our spiritual pursuits. Do beware of taking on more than you can handle under this influence.

We would do well to petition our higher mind to help us be merciful and kind as regards our own, and everyone else’s faults and failings. When we validate the innocence of self, we can more easily see the innocence of others.

The Saturn Square Neptune can help us find balance between the mundane and the other worldly. Manifest visions into reality. Can be inspirational for creating spiritual art.

The Uranus/Eris paring in the “I am” sign of Aries, can be a great, although disruptive force for breaking out of conditioned mindsets and egoic identity.

This paring can also be used to inspire us to dare ‘buck the system,’
forsake socialized programming and explore each our unique perspective.
Unleash our contribution to life on this planet at this time.

This month my writing process was certainly reflective of Jupiter’s movement into the artistic sign of Libra. After reflecting upon the dance of the planets, surprisingly the poem which follows wrote itself.

It is not necessary to know what a poem means. The fact that it is written in rhythm and rhyme engages the whole mind. My ‘Guidance’ tells me this poetry is a transformative narrative if you let it.

Regarding the following poem, a professional friend, who is not versed in Astrology, said she loved it but didn’t understand most of it. So I wrote the above as a translation of what is below. I hope you enjoy it.

Let the Poem begin
Beauty is upon us
ordinary days become creative times
as Jupiter pours its wine
into Libra’s ornamental vessel.

Simultaneously Jupiter wrestles with Mars
who often turns bully when he visits law loving Capricorn.
He can provide the vitality to see a project through to completion.
beware of restlessness, irritability and hastiness.

Uranus prances in Aries alongside
revolutionary Eris
while Venus, Libra’s ruler
dances through Neptune’s dream
wearing (until the 18th) a blood red Scorpian dress.
In Sag she will sport a protective vest.
Such teaming can turn into an explosive mess
if we fail to remain centered in ‘Self’
or it can turn divine if we remain in Higher Mind.

Whirling on the edge of Neptune’s rhythmic melody
the spell of Scorpio can propel disharmony in Venus
causing her to stumble in some unforgiven pain.
Her inherent fairness won’t want to pass the blame
but Scorpio will likely try to get her to do so.

Venus drops to her knees and prays
“Jupiter, who art waltzing with my mother Libra
free me from negative Scorpion dreams
which murder the jackal who mistakes a snake
for a rope
and innocently attempts to play with it.”

“Oh benevolent minded Jupiter
teach me to turn distorted Neptunian schemes
into a mystery schooled dream
where magic is major
that turns ugly back into beauty.”

oct16-img2Please wisk me away
upon your wild white horse.
Spread your Pegasus wings
propel me through
Neptunes’ halloweened dreams.
Deliver me to the palace of Pallas Athena
where divinity reigns supreme.
Adorn me ritually in alchemical jewels
wrap me in the mystical seven veils.
That the seven headed beast be lured by beauty
and forget his quest to ensnare me.

Oh illustrious Jupiter in Libra,
great lover of art, festivities and flights of adventure
tutor me, balance and beauty me
that I might rise like the phoenix
from Scorpio’s cocoon.

Dance abandoned’ly on the 15th
‘neath the Aries full moon
Receive the gift bequeathed by enlightened Uranus
who shares the Full Moons’ 23rd degree.

Yes ready us all to receive mind altering
presents from Uranus
and his rebirthing accomplice, Eris.
No matter if in some ghoulish disguise,
let us extract Uranus’ wise surprise.
even if delivered upon us disruptively.
Help us release any idea of how awakening and ascension should be.
Help us receive the gift of freedom as it is given.

Oh mighty Jupiter
teacher, guru, politician and philosopher
help us turn our eyes inward
to your fields of infinite possibilities
that we may determine for ourselves
our fate.
That we may no longer wait
for some fickle politician
who feigns to free us.

In Summary
We get to waltz with thee
Oh magnanimous Jupiter
for an entire year
as you foxtrot and twirl in Libra’s artistic world.

Oh Jupiter I pray ye unleash Libra’s balanced beauty
in our mind, eyes, heart and spirit
so we might be like thee and live to give generously
Venusian beauty to all whom we meet.

Let the ‘Doer’ do its do! Let love shine Divine through you.
Aho, Ashé May magic light your way. Love & blessings to you all!

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