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Scorpio Time is Prime for slaying dragons

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Scorpio Time is Prime for slaying dragons
healing wounds and performing magical actions.

We would all do well to relegate an inner guide or warrior
to walk with us thru the fields of Scorpio.
One never knows what ghouly memory might show
that needs escorting out of our psyche.

pic1-10-30-16Scorpio shows what needs killing
to make way for instilling an elevated consciousness.
Scorpio is great for letting go of what is hurtful or no longer useful in the basement of the mind. Have you been letting through all the fears, hurts, and betrayals you’ve encountered on the trails of Life? Or have you constipated your system by not letting it all flow into the Great Cosmic Toilet Bowl!?!

To remain healthy, it’s necessary to examine your emotional/mental /spiritual plumbing. But, it can be hazardous. If you’re not careful you could end up attracting more of the very thing you set about extracting… focus is a feeding… which causes breeding…

Take heed from your morning toiletry. While on the Cosmic Pot, examine your lot of problems. Look for the kinks in your system… speak to your inner guide about them, write them.

The actual facing of what we would normally not want to see, is a magical act in itself.
The facing and feeling of an issue is often all that is required to transform it.
Sometimes inner Gurus guide you.
Sometimes intuition sparks specific power words
a certain request, affirmation, or prayer. The important thing is: Follow your inner promptings!

When your toileting is done, flush it. Move your focus from feces to blessings. Notice what transformation takes place when you shift focus from problem to solution.

Scorpio, the sign of four symbols
scorpion, snake, eagle and dove…
Through scorpion, we face our pains and poisons. Through snake, we undress from being fake.
Through Eagle, we’re given visions for transforming poisons into medicine.
Dove denotes transformation of everything back into love.

Scorpio is portal to other worlds
where death and life mix and meet in the dark and the deep
where loved ones as well as enemies may leave messages in the dreams of our sleep

Beware of empty mind space, stay filled with divine grace
less some prankster spirit bequeath you some unwanted gift

All souls day is Nov 1st
Veils between worlds can easily burst.
If you have loved ones on the other side,
this is the best day to try
to initiate contact…

Mars Spiritual ruler of Scorpio, mundane ruler of Aries.
Uranus and Eris are currently conjunct in the sign Aries.
This can be experienced as a disruptive force.
Even if you’re aiming to be the highest you can be.
You may have a major revelation that comes through some kind of devastation.

You would therefore do good to demand to see the gift in whatever circumstance is given.

Uranus is dedicated to upholding freedom
waking us in the fastest way possible.
He doesn’t care much if his methods disrupt or cause discomfort.

it can be easy to mislabel a blessing call it a curse
End up missing out on a ‘Holy Happening’ due to a misjudging.
Uranus time is intuition time. You would do well to follow through on all inner promptings.

Mars is the spiritual, ruler of Scorpio
Pluto is its exoteric or mundane ruling monarch.
Both Pluto and Mars are transiting the master mind sign of Capricorn,
making them more positive and capable than normal.

To bring out the highest qualities of Mars,
emulate the signature of Capricorn:
‘Totality’ ‘Integrity’
Be total in your actions
Commit to finish what you begin.
Don’t fret over outcomes or endings.

Do only what you’re directed to
let the Universe do Its Do

Last but not least, make peace with yourself
Review and renew.
Clear the slate, make space for ultimate surrender,
the death of who you’ve dreamed yourself to be
In order to rebirth back into ‘You’
as your creator created you Let everything go!
Just know:

It’s all God
It’s all Good
It’s all a dream in a play called life.

Aho, let go into the flow… Ashé walk in loves’ rays
Photo Credit https://www.google.com/search?q=free+fantasy+art&biw=1153&bih=599&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0CBwQsARqFQoTCNLmnt3e-MgCFU42iAodh3wItw&dpr=1#imgrc=ZbOkvANgOof56M%3A

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