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A Rare Cosmic Happening Part 2 (for audio, click below or click read more)

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Note: It’s best to listen with headphones.  Yes this is also the audio for Sondráya’s October Women’s Voices Magazine article “Neptune in Pisces, a Once in 165 Year Happening!”




Neptune symbolNeptune in Pisces, a rare once-every-165-year happening!   Neptune holiest of all planets, vehicle of Christ consciousness, harbinger of a major spiritual shift for humanity, how do we begin to talk of you?

How do we talk about the unspeakable, describe the intangible and still do you justice? Poetry, prayer, dance, song, these be the “languaging” of you, Neptune.  Poetic prayer is also dear to the heart of Libra, patron of the arts, the sign of October and her ruler, Venus… making this a perfect time to bear my soul to you, dear Neptune, in poetic prayer style this month.

Neptune, thank you for your astrological clues, as to what to do, to open to the holiest of you. I understand I am to forego my personal plan and surrender unto you so as to live in your “Promised Land.”

Therefore, Neptune I pray you empty me of all falsity. Empty me of egoic identity. Make me ready to receive the trueness of the “One Identity” though I be but an ant in the sea of entirety! Help me truly know, as above, so below, as outside, so inside.

Flush out of me, human conditioning, religious/political programming, and ancestral beliefs. Deliver me from all second hand knowing and peer pressure philosophies. Speak to me directly. Lift me into your realm of divinity and multidimensionality.

I choose to immerse myself in your chaos, go where your flow takes me, and honor your miraculous world of imagination. I see me hanging by a foot from your Tree. I feel fear release into peace as I consider letting go the need to hold on to anything.

Maybe you, who are reading, will enjoy swinging in the space of dreams. Let words and symbols come and go in no particular order. Let yourself dissolve into non-ordinary reality, slip past the veil between the worlds. Envision a golden glow. Follow it. Go where it flows to the edge of loves portal.

Glide in. Let yourself be taken. Feel the love of life herself engulf you, submerge you, become you. Sink into the feeling of deep, deep rest. There is nothing you need do, nothing you need know. Relax into the pure peace of emptiness in you.

Or does this sound too simple, too fru fru for you? Well, what would you be willing to do for ultimate peace and freedom?

Would you be willing to take your mind off the world, for a moment? For “heaven’s” sake, would you be willing to test the holy proclamation: “Seek ye first the Kingdom.”? Find out for yourself if this be true?

October begins with Neptune and Jupiter in orb of the special opposition spoken of in last month’s article. September 23rd, the Sun moved into Libra, sign of balance, beauty, art and partnerships making October an ideal month to practice the art of attunement to the holy frequencies of Neptune, the most mystical of the planets reflecting, thru its transit in Pisces, the most mystic in us.

And attune we must if we are to avoid drowning in the sea of worldly chaos. Old structures in every respect are being torn down… economically, politically, ecologically, and “egoically.” There are mountains of problems vying to keep our attention on lower worlds, vying to tempt us to put “the Kingdom” on the back burner and thus miss this miraculous spiritual shift Neptune in Pisces is offering.

During these tumultuous times, it is of benefit to take into account the directive given on airplanes… “If there’s a problem, save yourself first or there will be no one to save your ailing grandmother or new born babe.” It’s logical to me, we simply are not equipped to handle the woes of the world until we don our “Almighty Armor!”

This is a time to choose. Do you choose to “Seek ye first the Kingdom?” Let yourself “be given” your role in the world? Is your sole desire to aspire to live your highest expression? You cannot live in two worlds. Do you choose to be ruled by gold or live by the golden rule?

To receive Neptune’s ultimate gift: The dissolution of whatever is between you and living your true “Divinity,” relinquish your beliefs about the nature of reality… in its entirety!

ar12The Hang Man Tarot Key 12 is assigned to Neptune. It is called the “Great Reversal.” It shows what you must do to pass thru to the next stage of spiritual evolution.

The following excerpt is a perfect description of this process:
“Simply do this: Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is…” from A Course in Miracles WB189

Imagine backing into Key 12, hanging suspended, and emptying your mind of everything!

Any art form you can abandon yourself to, can serve as alchemy for letting the blessings of Neptune thru.
It’s important to cleanse your aura daily (if you don’t know how, youtube it or google it) and set up a field of protection around yourself. There is so much more to your body than can be seen!

Last but definitely not least – keep on grounding!

Sign up for my monthly newsletter. Neptune, being the holiest of the planets, can be the hardest to remain attuned to, which is why there is more alchemy to share than could fit in this article.

Sondráya’s Monthly Musings contain special tips and information. This month we will cover the alchemy in “Sacred Posturing” along with Finger Tips from Astrological Palmistry and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Mini readings which deal specifically with Neptune are extended throughout October, on a love offering basis, on behalf of Olokun and Shango, Orishas of my Sun.

Sondráya Sayings
“Keep your eye on the prize, not the “so called” evil guy!”
“Divinity is our true reality”
“For ultimate freedom, Neptune is the frequency to attune to!”
Aho, let go into Neptune’s flow. Ashe, walk in beauty’s way! Love & blessings to you all!

(The symbol is from Word 2010 symbols.)
Photo Credit:  Key 12 Rider-Waite deck  from


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