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An Exceptional Magical Astrological Portal is Upon Us

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Prepare yourself for a rare four week window of opportunity – to do the impossible!

That window of opportunity, according to Christine Arens, a respected Astrologer and Kepler College Instructor, is called the Dark Moon.  It is a period from the time the moon enters the zodiacal sign of the new moon until the actual day of the new moon.

Since ancient times, this window has been known to be magical.  Most times the Dark Moon is only open for a matter of hours or days. This year, because there will be two new moons in the sign of Leo, it will be open for four weeks –  leaving you ample time to consult with the Divine to make the greatest use of this rare opportunity.

Having a four week window is awesome enough, but the second new moon happens to be a Total Solar Eclipse!  And, this eclipse just happens to be visible across the U.S.!  This makes it especially powerful to those of us who happen to reside here.

The Solar Eclipse will take place on Aug 21, at 28˚Leo 53.  This entire Dark Moon period is between July 23rd and Aug 21.  It is magical blessing time for everyone.   However, if you have planets within one to two degrees of the Eclipse then this will be an extra special time for you.  Do know that special doesn’t mean necessarily easy…

Back to the Dark Moon, not to be confused with the Dark of the Moon an entirely different phenomena – my recommendation is to have a talk with Life Herself, or God if you will.  Determine what ‘impossible situation’ you are ready to have rectified.

If you are committed to the spirit walk or to being the best you, you can be, you will definitely stand to benefit by this happening.

July begins with a Yod  
A Finger of God with Saturn at the apex with Venus on one leg and Mercury/Mars on the other – a perfect configuration to help you align with this magical time.

Saturn reminds you to get grounded, be in your body and be fully present.  Clear out all victim patterns.  Hand over ego control to your soul, an ultimate goal of the sign Cancer so prevalent this month with Sun, Mars and Mercury therein.

Saturn rewards you if you ‘take responsibility’ for the happenings in your world.  Saturn says, you create your reality.  If you’re still blaming and shaming others for your agonies and feeling victim to circumstance – you will miss out on this incredible magical chance to ‘do the seemingly impossible’.

Venus says be the love you are, take a stand for balance, art and beauty.

Mercury says align your magical mind.  Think on magical acts…  “What if I really could do this or that…” Know life lines up behind your conscious and unconscious thoughts, assumptions and beliefs.  So make adjustments accordingly.

Mars conjunct Mercury can give you the fortitude to look at yourself and your world square on.  No escaping no rose colored glasses.  To make room for the new, the old and limiting patterns need to come thru.  All you need do is witness.

However, with fiery Mars in watery Cancer you may find yancey, cranky, overly sensitive, even pissy feelings coming up.   Be the witness to them.  Remember the limiting stuff is not ‘You’.  It’s what’s been blocking ‘You’ from aligning with your True.

The trick is to simply witness them without hurling them on others or mistaking them for truth.   Limitation of any kind is never You.  The witnessing is the alchemy which elevates you into your higher mind.  Your higher mind is what aligns you with your True.

July 1st, when this Finger of God is still active, could be used to ask for guidance on how to prepare yourself for the Dark Moon magical window.   You would do well to take some quality time to empty, and go deep into silence.   Let yourself be grounded (Saturn) in the beauty of love (Venus) and Awareness (Mercury)… a great preparation for the upcoming Magical corridor.

Of course there are many other astrological happenings.  As usual, I have covered what I consider to be the major celestial configurations that can best assist you to set your Divinity Free!

Thank you for joining me.  Tune in next month.   I will hone in on the magical powers of the upcoming eclipse then.

Aho, let go into the flow.  Ashé, ready yourself for a brand new way…

Sondráya is an Astrologer, Alchemist, Poet, Sacred Dancer, and Fully Ordained Minister.  She is enthusiastic about sharing practical ways for individuals to open themselves to their True Divine Nature, through the Mystical Art of Astrology.  She is committed to serving, educating and helping clients attune to the Magnificent Spiritual Renewal of our times!

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