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AstroAlchemy: Let’s Get our Magic Back on Track

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Mercury, the Magician, Messenger of the Gods is back in its yearly walkabout in its exoteric sign of Gemini

Still a bit slow now that he’s finished with his retrograding

He is ready for parading as: The Gem in our Eye

What better time than now to realign with the Divine Magic of our Mind

(Do remember the magic we speak about is not the sleigh-of-hand but of the Magi, the wisdom without and within).

In Such a celestial climate let us reacquaint ourselves with the magic we all carry

When we vibrate at the ‘right’ frequency! The frequency of being the ‘Gem’ in our I – loving and respecting ourselves exactly the way we be – pimples, dimples, imperfections and all.

Yes it’s all about vibration. And we don’t need to be perfect – we need to be honest, aware and authentic to enter into the magical flow. Cause, we all know, what we focus on we will grow in our garden of life.

So are you willing – for a moment – to let go all your worries, cares and woes? Cause if you take a moment and use the magic of your breath to let everything go – just for a moment – let everything go out thru your fingers and toes, drop your shoulders and smile – you can open the door – for a while – to your Beth – your house of Magic.

Yes it can be as simple as that. All we need is a relaxed crack in our world to let the splendor in. For on the Tree of life, Mercury sits on the limb of Hod – glory and splendor – being supported by Netzach, Venus, the sphere of Victory.   So for a moment if we let ourselves focus on some sort of Victory and Beauty – maybe just the fact that we are alive! And, let go the ghouls and gory of newspapered lies and pains in our lives.   Yes, focus on the power we be – when perched magically on a sphere of our tree, enjoying the ‘Gem’ that we be. Yes, make time to let in – the glory and the splendor of who we be! Just this one small momentary act – can – if we make such intent – make a dent for Magic to come in and give its spin on the project of our desire.

As I write, Mercury is still in 6 degrees of Gemini – in a 60 degree (sextile) aspect to the Moon who is in 6 degrees of Leo. And, the Moon is making a 60 degree angle to the North Node of the Moon (aka Dragons head) in 6 degrees of Libra, Venus’ sign of balance beauty and alignment. While Mercury is of course magically Trining the Dragons’ Head completing this little Pow Wow between Mercury, Moon, and its’ North Node. Also, as a matter of course, Tiphareth, is the 6th sphere, the center of the Tree and stands for harmony and beauty; Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac stands for perfecting thru service; and  the 6th Key of the Tarot is Gemini, the sign where Mercury is most free to experiment and play. And we would be wise to play with the Mercury Magic of our mind while he’s traveling in Geminis’ sign – until about the 9th of July.

I know I’ve made magic sound easy and it is – but everything has its’ work to do. And the work of Mercury is in staying awake, aware, honest and ready to apply an action of balance when we find ourselves out of the magical state.   And there is plenty happening in the cosmos to throw us off balance if we let it. Yes, Pluto is in the serious sign of Capricorn, still in square to Uranus in the fiery sometimes explosive sign of Aries. So heavy winds are sometimes blowing and deep wounds are sometimes showing and sometimes they get our mind going in a downward spiraling direction.

But, no matter what – we can always take a moment to stop. Breathe everything out, and enjoy the splendor of letting the glory of   Being – in!   Reset ourselves back in the frequency of magic time and time and time again.

So what better day than this to make a moment to sit in a frequency of the splendor of being –you – and letting the glory and splendor that abounds, come in and tilt your mind back into magic. Even if tragic seems to be surrounding. There is a gift in everything and it’s our job to seek it. “Seek and ye shall find”; “Ask and you shall receive”; “Keep your eye on the Prize”, definitely all axioms of Mercury at his highest and best’est.

As I write this, it is 11:52 am this 6th month of June on the 19th day. Yes this magical time can’t be held at bay… but we can navigate back to this moment or any magical moment any time we wish to. So, no worries, no hurries. Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo. Magic will follow you. You can make a moment – whenever you want – to place yourself in a magical space – where Magic can come fill you with grace and do the bidding of your intent.

© 2015 Sondráya Walking Star


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