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Be Prepared Astro-Alchemically

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Be prepared Astro-Alchemically for May 28th & 29th 2015.

This time CAN be a life shifter – if you focus rightly. Why? The moon will enter Libra and complete a Grand Cross.  (the cross itself is not exact but we can extract its power via our lunar receptivity nevertheless). She’ll be in exact square with Pluto in Capricorn 9:10pm PDT on the 28th. On the 29th she’ll be in exact opposition with Uranus in Aries at 5:17am PDT and exact Square with Venus at 1:20pm PDT.  These are times to create your vision boards, get in tune with your Soul’s desires and set your intentions.

Yes there is a pow wow in the sky between the Futuristic Galactic Awakener – Uranus; the Shamanic Shape Shifter, between the planes & underground belief buster – Pluto; Queen of Art, Beauty, Balance and Prosperity – Venus; And our Moon, Mother of Growth & Change, the Great Receiver of Cosmic Divine Powers and Blessings.

Now, do be clear, grand crosses can be intense. The lessons they give can be uncomfortable. While the initiations can be extraordinary! Keep your eye on the Prize! – wise words from my ancestors that eventually lead them from slavery to freedom.

The key to extracting high Alchemy from this particular planetary interchange – is in our focus!

What do you want? Maybe you’re saying, ‘I don’t know”. Well one Venus thing we all want is inner peace, a feeling of wellbeing, health and enough wealth to take us out of survival mode. Focus, focus, focus. Stay awake and aware of your energy field. If you start feeling low, call up your God, your Guides or just plain have a talk with Life Herself! ‘Beam me up Scottie! Give me inspiration, give me energy, give me motivation’…. dot dot dot – If you don’t Ask how can you hope to receive.

If we focus on worry and fear and their cousin doubt and overwhelm – well we are asking the Universe to give us more of the same – Grand Square Style. Don’t get me wrong, if you catch yourself focusing on the ‘what ifs’ of failure rather than the ‘what ifs’ of success – simply change your thought! Get back on Beam. Problems only  ensue when you neglect to correct.

Simply said, you can use this celestial energy to take charge of your life. Clean out stagnant energies, deactivate negative habit patterns (Pluto); Activate New Magical Miraculous Soul lutions! Put your Image Nation (imagination) to work! Have the audacity to ask for what you want! (Uranus).   Get in touch with what will bring you inner peace and happiness… You may think it’s that new car or coat – but what is the feeling you truly want the Material manifestation to give you? (Venus).  Give thanks and don’t mess with how the Universe is gonna work – it’s not your business.  Your job is to stay focused, relaxed and happy with what is.  And open to receive what comes, notice the difference between weeds and flowers – so you know what to uproot and what to water.

Venus (ruler of Libra) is in Cancer and the Moon (ruler of Cancer) will be in Libra – this is what astrologers refer to as mutual reception – adding even more weight to magical possibilities. So the Moon in Libra, sign of balance and beauty – can be used to enhance our ability to call on Her for help in breathing our self into the state of relaxation and inner quiet focus that can allow us to be consciously filled with the Highest energies and frequencies of this Cosmic Conversation between Pluto, Uranus and Venus.

Here we have two Universal, Heavenly Planets and two personal earthly planets. This is a time to ‘Seek Yee First the Kingdom of Heaven” And let heaven have her way with all our earthly desires. The potential for Spiritual Upgrades, greater personal Freedom and manifestation of our Souls’ desire is Fabulous.

Again, the reminder, ‘Keep your Eye on the Prize!’ – not the evening news, not what’s happening to the victims of any circumstance – not the chem trails, or GMOs dot dot dot. Whatever you focus on, you’re telling the Universe, you want more of it. Set yourself Free. Then you can send your vibrations of freedom across the dream. Once you have freed yourself you can offer freedom to everyone else. ‘Keep your Eye on the Prize’ – ‘Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven’ – and you will have opened your doors to Magical Living. Enjoy!

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