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Deep ‘See’ Diving brings reward Declares the Jupiter/Pluto Square

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There is no audio this month…
However, Sondráya is sharing her home made video of her segment in a forthcoming TV show where she is speaking about the Magic of the Jupiter/Pluto Square.

Deep ‘See’ Diving brings reward
Declares the Jupiter/ Pluto Square

pic1-12-7-16Pluto and Jupiter reward us for daring to plumb our depths in the light of emotional betrayals or whatever challenge besets us. They reward us when we take responsibility for any quandary that comes our way. We are rewarded each time we forego the ego’s victim/villain game.

Rather than run from the gun,
when we turn and face the ‘painfuls’ and ‘ain’t-it-awfuls’
in partnership with our angels, our God, guide or gurus –
That’s when pain can be alchemied gold.
That’s when we’re elevated to a higher role.
That’s when we can hear
guidance pertinent to transmute ego
back into Soul.

“Don’t kill it transform it!” cries the Jupiter/Pluto Square ensemble
(The ensemble: Mars and Saturn semi sextile Pluto; Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Sag Trines Jupiter in Libra; No Node in perfecting Virgo; So Node conjunct Neptune in Pisces – all agree with the above decree ‘Don’t kill it, transform it!’)

This planetary pattern appears to be here to shift us deeper into Soul…
Connect us deeper into consciousness of the Whole.
This pattern appears to be testifying to the fact that,
all of us have a marvelous opportunity now to shift from ego to soul.

The Jupiter/Pluto square says this is not an easy go. At times, we’re going to have to prod, push and pull ourselves out of the old and resolutely set our intent to pursue the new – lest we find ourselves trapped in the undertow of old bad habbits.

Mars in Aquarius says, spear the fear and all negative thinking at its inception.
Mars in Aquarius also says he’s about testing our humanitarian ideals. Are we actualizing them? Jupiter in Libra says, you can’t ascend without working through relationship issues.
Love not war
With Jupiter in Libra, sign of love
and Mars, planet of aggression in humanitarian Aquarius
we would do well to remind ourselves:
Even the tiniest of upsets between our self and others
feeds the frequency of war.

Upsets are the food of war. With Mars transiting the fixed sign of Aquarius there can be a tendency to force our point of view. There can be a tendency to forget respect and the valuing of those who hold views unlike our own.

One of the teachings of Jupiter in Libra is to conduct ourselves so as to nurture inner and outer harmony. Mars in Aquarius reminds us, everyone has a right to their perspective and to their expression of it. However, it’s one thing to expound freedom of expression as an ideal – it’s another thing to live it.

In my case with birth Mars also in Aquarius, I came close to losing a very dear friend because of the forceful expounding of my point of view to the exclusion of hers. When it was brought to my attention how this made her feel, I was appalled at my actions. It brought to mind times when I’ve been on the receiving end of someone else’s’ passionate discrediting of my perspective.

Honestly, I’m not sure I can trust myself to never railroad anyone again – but I have made a vow to shift the aspect of self that puts right and might higher than love and respect. And, I know ‘The Universe’ has a great big ear. It has proven to me over the years, that ‘Its’ always listening. It knows my sincerity. So while I may put the foot in the mouth a few more times, I am no longer deaf, no longer blind and am on my way, with the help of Life Herself, to rectifying this failing.

pic2-12-7-16And what about them Nodes?
With the North node in Virgo, (if you want info on the nodes, please google it) this is prime time for us to correct and perfect ourselves. Critiquing and correcting is necessary to growth. Blaming and shaming self or others is an abomination in need of transformation.

The South node is like a portal to the past. Making it easy for us to slip into old emotional states and mindsets. Making it easy to fall down the rabbit hole of old angers, victimizations and feelings of disempowerment when we are out of balance.

However, with the South Node conjunct Neptune, we can use this energy to help us do away with old debilitating habits and addictions. The Jupiter end will help us to face what shows up and the Saturn end will help us stand in the ‘unwanteds’ long enough to transmute them into useful energy (Mars).

In fact, according to Carl Jung, there are magical powers residing in our depths. Jung didn’t just see the subconscious realm as a place for holding our shadow, our negativity. He saw it as also containing the miraculous.

And, Neptune in Pisces, alone, at its highest – makes miracles and magic out of tragic. Yet here we have it conjunct the South Node. Those who dare deep ‘see’ dive into – instead of trying to escape out of – whatever ‘unwanteds’ are rearing their heads… just might attain some ultimate gain from the pain.

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Aho, live in the flow Ashé, walk in Magics ray!

Love & blessings & Happy Holidays to you all!

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