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Don your Royal Crown, Leo has come to town!

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Don your Royal Crown, Leo has come to town!
It has never been more crucial for us to open our Crowns and direct our life from the top down.

It’s never been more valuable than to take the perspective of the ’Mystic Clown’: After all, isn’t it humorous – infinite beings birthing on earth, playing the roles of villain and victim as if they were separate from the awesome power of The One?

7-30-16 pic17-30-16 pic2What better month of the year to don our Crown than when the Sun lights up its son – Leo! (Key 8)

The sun is the heart of our solar system, our own heart is the Sun of our organism. Our heart is the key to our health, wealth and happiness.
So Don your Royal Crown, decree love be set free and determine to live happy regardless of circumstance.

No matter what sign you be, Leo rules your heart, your joy, your backbone, your passions, your inner child, your unique brand of creativity, your personal power, your leadership abilities, your courage to be the truest expression of your Self and your capacity to love life and all its players in its entirety!

“Ask and you shall receive”
Do you dare ask to be set totally free? Free to venture into the new realm of the spaciousness of infinite possibilities which has appeared before you as the ‘New Offering of the new age?’

Do you dare ask to receive direct, guidance from the Great All-That-Is? Do you dare hand over control and let your Soul lead instead of your ego personality?

The worldly Leo in you wants to be in control of everything. On the other hand, spiritual Leo knows, to set your Divinity free, control must be surrendered.

Are you willing to dare see what order of magic will unfold when you surrender control and let Divinity Lead?

The new age, a new stage of life

7-30-16 pic32012 issued in an infusion of light as the Sun emerged from its approximate 12,000 year sojourn in the underworld activating the dawning of a new era of enlightenment.

The change of the Sun from lower world to upper world marked the dawning of a whole new way of life. However, we need to position our mindset so we can experience this newness.

If our focus is still set on the old ways, we will live the result of that. To experience the new world, we must let go, transfer controls to our Divinity!

And by Divinity, we’re talking about the Divinity of Life Herself. That ‘Living Intelligence’ that sustains us, that breathes us, ‘That Force’ by which we are given the gift of life.

Transferring controls to Divinity is very much like waking up from a Rip Van Winkle sleep. There is a need to adjust to the new frequencies and uncover our dormant abilities.

On one hand, we are mere babes who have no clue as to what we are meant to do. Thereby, making surrender to the Cosmic Divinity imperative.

On the other hand, we are mightier than we can imagine. Within us is the ability to use the seemingly unsurmountable problems of our times to activate the undefeatable power of the Divine within us!

Don’t be fooled by the turmoil in the world.
Light amplifies everything. It magnifies the so called good and bad. Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries conjunct Eris illustrates the enormous shifting of consciousness that is now occurring within each of us. This is an intense time of letting go the old and allowing in the new.

The fact that the Sun is now above ground makes it easier – for those ready to face truth – to see the entire playing field; to see the deceptions the ‘black hats’ are up to; to witness the spiritual awakenings occurring across the globe; to see the many light workers extricating themselves from the societal mind tampering, which in turn, is helping large segments of the masses to wake up from the ‘spell’ of the collective programming.

Be patient.
Time will grow your ability to hold more and more light, if that is what you wish. And, as you continue to strengthen, more and more of your unique Divine talents will be revealed.   Use your intent to unleash your capacity to truly be savior of the world. Then use your distinctive gifts to assist in whatever way is yours to contribute to the collective.

Just know that no matter what atrocities appear to occur, we can call upon Divinity for solutions! It is up to us.

If we dare to activate an ongoing relationship with Divinity, we may get to experience, personally, how the power and the wisdom and the love of the Divinity of the Universe – magically fulfills the decree from A Course in Miracles: “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.”

Aho, continue letting go. Ashé let love light your way.

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