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February begins with a flood and a fire!

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waterpicAre you faithfully floating or frightfully drowning?
Burning in the fires of upset and fear?  Or, warming in the atmosphere of inspiration?

Fire and water when in excess is a sure sign of a time which may begin in confusion and conflict – but has great potential to end in victory and conquest. For many, it’s a time of life altering endings and beginnings. A time where action, coupled with rest and deep reflection is bound to bring great reward.

An ideal time for self-perfection and correction; for the removal of emotional pains lurking in unconscious domains, along with fears that have festered for years; a time to put new ideals into action.

All of this is due to two stelliums (a grouping of 3 or more planets) gracing our skies. One lies in watery Pisces, the other, fiery Aries. Setting the stage for a premier year of  water/fire initiations and transformation.

(Pisces Water Stellium: Neptune, Chiron, South Node in Pisces and Venus in Pisces till Feb 3rd.   Aries Fire Stellium: Mars, Uranus, Eris in Aries.  The Moon will be in Aries until the 2nd.  Venus will enter Aries on the 3rd.)

No matter your sign, you have the twelve Zodiac designs within you. Your areas of life where Pisces and Aries reside are in for a wild ride. Turbulent waters and intense fires are anticipated.  So put your wet suit of adventure on!

Be advised, how you greet your fate – with open arms or in a state of alarm – will greatly influence outcome.  Life tends to line up according to our attitude.

firepicThe Aries stellium at best could give you a boost of energy and a revolutionary spirit. Fill you with a sense of daring’ness and adventure. Inspire you to stand up for your values and act on your dreams.

At its worse, Aries can trigger anger, impatience and upset, A ‘me first’ attitude; recklessness, irritability, overwhelm.

Aries can also fill us with fresh energy and new abilities to start new ventures. Best used now to courageously locate and eliminate the bleak and dour. Befriended by Uranus and Eris, the power of Aries is gigantic.

Which means, we would do well to be alert for irritating spurts of irrational outbursts. Make way for ‘me first’ encounters. We would also do well to endeavor to remain centered, loving and grounded.

Infinite possibilities
Pisces, the sign of two fish, ultimately encompasses the miraculous – especially to those ‘on the path’ of surrender who choose to give up control and let go into ‘The Flow.’

Piscean possibilities emerge from the mentality of one fish or the other. In fish land, we sit on the side of the father or mother… doubt or trust. In fish land, we must choose which fish we wish to amuse.

So much ocean, there’s bound to be undertow. So it’s vital to know as much as we can know about our emotional state. Meditate, investigate, eliminate or integrate undesirable emotions.

When we bump up against challenges, we would do well to anchor. Stop. Dive deep into our sea of infinite possibilities. Be vigilant, dive into silence and stillness until guidance is received or we find ourselves back in the flow in harmony.

Woe to the one that attempts to fight dragons with its own might.

Kudos to those who call upon Great Mystery to navigate their plight.

Gold stars to those who can summon up faith enough to put their challenges into the hands of their inner gurus and guides; confidently await instruction then courageously put instruction into action.

We are all being empowered to overcome old and false ways and step into the new and true. Faithfully floating or frightfully drowning? It’s  up to you which attitudes you choose.

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Sondráya is an Astrologer, Alchemist, Healing Catalyst, Poet, Sacred Dancer, and Fully Ordained Minister. She is enthusiastic about sharing practical ways for individuals to open themselves to their True Divine Nature, through the Mystical Art of Astrology. She is committed to serving, educating and helping clients attune to the Magnificent Spiritual Renewal of our times!

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