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Gemini Time is Magical Time IF you’re aligned in Higher Mind (video transcript)

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June 2017 Video transcription by a new subscriber, Lori Stavropoulos,  – Please note most of the following information  is timeless and will continue to be relevant. See the original video here!

This is Sondráya from Sondráya’s monthly musings for the month of June 2017.  Gemini time.  The twins of our mind.  Hmm.  Gemini time is prime for managing our mind.

JuneTrans-2017In fact, I would invite you to take advantage of the full moon on June 10 to assist you with really aligning with the higher mind.  When we resonate at the frequency of the higher mind, there is nothing we cannot do.

Pamela Eaton from tarot of the spirit says that Mercury, which is the planet that rules Gemini – Mercury holds the keys as the transformer of the world.  That means you hold the key as the transformer of your world, your life, and the world, the life.

Alice Bailey, she’s an incredible theosophist, and Alice Bailey states in her book Esoteric Astrology that Gemini is, in her estimation, the most important of all the signs.  Now, hear me and remember – that each of us, that you are -composed of all the signs of the zodiac regardless of where the sun falls, whatever your birthday is.  So we all have that Gemini within us.  If we didn’t, we would have no facility for languaging, for connecting and communicating.  We would have no ability to assess and reflect and all of that.

So yes, the sun is the giver of life, but what good is life without a mind?  You’re just a vegetable.  There’s nothing you can do.  You can’t recognize or reach out and connect and communicate.  And we all know that without love, what’s the point of it?  Without love, everything is just chaotic.  Without love, there is no real sense or purpose or reason to even be here.

And in esoteric astrology, Venus is the ruler of Gemini.  Mercury is the ruler of Gemini in exoteric, and Venus is the ruler of Gemini in the esoteric.  Let’s keep that in mind as we look at this month.  So I would advise you to really take time out for reflection and meditating and be willing to scrutinize yourself, and notice where your flaws are and ask – establish your communication with the heavens, with your source, your God, and ask for help accordingly.

JuneArticle02There’s many reasons, why Alice Bailey says Gemini is the most important sign, because Gemini rules, that duality which is inherent in life itself; that duality that all of us experience within ourselves.  And she also concurs with what has been told to me through my higher guidance – that ultimately when we begin living in our higher mind, we’re going to find there’s really only six signs, once we come into wholeness.  There’s six signs.  And that completes the flower of life.  The twelve is that division, that dividing.

Gemini is aligned with duality itself.  AB says Gemini is the sign behind all signs.  So I would invite you to take time out to really reflect and manage your mind system.  It’s not so much what happens to us in life.  It’s how we see it.  It’s how we view it.  And how we think about it, how we believe it to be, life begins lining up behind our postulates.   This is an intelligent, living, aware, conscious universe.   Everything is aware and alive;  the planets, the stars, the trees, everything.  And you can find that out by testing it out…  Open yourself up.   Communicate with life.  If you’ve truly opened yourself, you’ll experience her communicating with you.

Now, this month is also really special.  I mean, every year Gemini time is the best time to go in and re-oil and realign with our mind.   Make sure that we are aligned with the very highest of principles and that we are actually living in the frequency and the zones of the ideals of which we carry.  Make sure that they’re not just mental constructs that, we’re actually vibrating and emanating them and living them.

And month holds, what is called a mutable cross.   The mutable cross brings about conditions of great periods of change in our life.  So I would say that in the month of June we’re going to see a lot of changes going on.   But we can stay steady and centered in our own soul, in our own divinity if we are managing our mind.

The month begins with moon in Virgo forming a mutable cross.  When the moon leaves Virgo, then we are left with two T squares going on in mutable signs.  And because there’s two of them, it’s almost like living in a mutable cross.

The mutable cross involves Saturn and Mars and Chiron, and the Moon.  It can be a little bit frustrating because Saturn says stop and Mars says go.  Mars says hot and Saturn says cold, and so all of us are going to have to be balancing out the sides of our mind where there’s a side of ourselves that just wants to plow through and do it now and Saturn is saying, ah, ah, ah, you have to stop, you have to slow down.  Make some kind of plan.  Remain awake and aware of what you’re doing saying and thinking.

It’s still a great time for moving forward on your goals, purposes and your dreams however, it’s a slower movement than normal.  There is also a T square at the beginning of the month involving Neptune,the moon and the sun.  It’s occurring now as I’m recording this.

And let’s not forget that Neptune is in its own sign Pisces.   The highest aspect of Neptune, helps us connect with our soul, connect with our invisible, immortal and the invincible aspect of self.

That’s what Gemini is ultimately wanting us to connect with – our Twinned Self.  That’s why Gemini is the twins.  And I was shown, I was living in Maui, doing my staff and sandals walk where all I was committed to following God’s direction.  (Which is what I should be doing all the time.) I had absolutely no money at that time.    I was totally dependent upon God to bring it in to me.

During that time I was shown that each of us is born twinned, that there is an invisible, immortal side of ourselves that stays in the heavenly realms and is never touched by all the blasphemy that occurs in this physical living.

I was told it was our job to make time to connect with our Divine Twin. To just ask, to initiate the power of prayer and the power of intention and simply ask our source, our God -for help.  Let go of being in control and surrender to our soul.  I was told to make time to just bask in the light of my own soul.

But do we make time for communication?  Are we aware of this connection?  Without awareness, it doesn’t count, does it?  So make time to get into connection and connect with the immortal side of your own soul.  Connect with the divine side of your own self.

Truth be told that Mercury, as I said, is the ruler, the exoteric ruler of Gemini, and it’s no coincidence that Mercury is depicted as the magician because when we come from our higher mind, we look like magicians to that side of ourselves that was just floundering around when we first got here – trying to figure it all out and trying to emulate others and trying to test our own view of things.

As we mature and as we are aligned with the highest of our mind, then life is magic because life lines up behind our mind, our thinking, our thoughts.  And I want to share one personal story of mine that certainly changed my life and showed me the powers that were inside me and showed me how I can influence other people – not by getting in their business and trying to fix and change them, but by changing my own mind.

Something spectacular happened while living in Sedona with my partner during the time I was still wet with my spirit walk in Maui.  I knew that God was the source of everything. I  was aiming to live by the laws of God.   So at that time, God was my car insurance.   (For the record after this incident, I got AAA.)

I had talked my partner into getting rid of our car insurance and living by the insurance of God.  And then – I got caught speeding by a redneck cop that did not like my looks at all or the fact I was driving a hippy van with blue dolphins painted on the side of it.

The cop began talking to me like Filthy McNasty.  And you know, it didn’t even bother me.  But, I started thinking, oh, shit I blew it, you know, we let go of the insurance and now we’re going to get it.

The it was a $1,000 fine at that time for driving without insurance.  I caught myself worrying and I realized that life was lining up, all these worries.  So I got really strong in myself and inside of myself I screamed, “God, there’s no punishment in Thee, I deserve to be set free!“

I continued to look for what I knew I didn’t have and took my time finding the registration.  As I did this, I turned to the cop, and I started talking to him like he was my best friend, totally ignoring his very bad manners…

Finally I guess the cop got tired of waiting for me to find what I didn’t have and he went into his squad car to check me out.   When he comes back, he’s a different person.  He took off his hat and was kind of scratching his head.   After being so derogatory, his first words  out of his mouth to me was, ma’am.  He said, “All the 20 years on the force I’ve never done this and I don’t know why I’m doing this now, but  you can frame this.”  He handed me a warning.

He didn’t even mention in the warning about the insurance.  It was the warning about the speeding.  Now that’s when I realized – oh, my God, I talked to his soul and he connected with it and he could not give me a ticket.  That incidence showed me that I did not have to be a victim in my life.  Change my thoughts and life changes accordingly.

OK, I’ve got Mercury in Pisces, so let me get out of the ocean and flop back on shore and get back into what’s going on in June.   However, this story can be of value by reminding you of the power of your mind.  You can change what life is lining up for you, by simply altering your thoughts and beliefs.

Astrology teaches that life is part fated and part free will.  Our Sun sign, our birth chart, our family – all of that is karmic and fated.  But what we do with what we’re given – that’s our free will.

This is the best month to increase our free will.  However, first of all, we need to fully be in our body.  A lot of Gemins are air heads, you know, they can be out of the body.   Although I am Pisces, I have a lot of Gemini in me, and I tend to spend a lot of time out of my body.  Someone told me recently that I wasn’t even in as far as my waist!  And that’s not a safe place to be at this time.

We need to be fully embodied, fully aware and grounded, and you can go to my website to my glossary page and reflect on grounding if it’s an unfamiliar term for you.  It’s a very important tool.

So, Number one, be in your suit of your system.  Number two is ask yourself if you’re willing to be in neutral.   Are you willing to let go of all your biases and prejudices?  I mean all of them?   Are you willing to just sit in neutral, sit and watch what’s going on in your life? Astrologically speaking, the only real response to anything – that can keep you in the frequency of your higher mind and in your higher truth  – is a response of love – to whatever is going on!

Now, yes, we have all these emotions, we have the emotion of anger.  We can be very angry about what we see going on in the world, but if that anger isn’t fully, filled with love, what good will it do?   With out love, anger will just add more bombs to the world?  Because anger is just another bomb in the world, okay?  So love is the only real response that we’re meant to have.  So, are we willing to marry the love with everything?

There was a point at one time in my life, I was running a computer help desk, believe it or not, in the corporate world.   During that time I was really adamant about embodying the High Priestess.  People seemed to sense this and people began coming to me with their personal problems instead of just computer help.  When my boss witnessed this, he went to the union and tried to fire me.

I got really ‑‑ you know, the P word, with a T at the end.  I went home and got in my bathtub and initiated a conversation with Mother Mary.  I said, “Look, I know anger is not a very high priestess’y thing, but I am really, really angry, and I don’t know what to do with it.”  Mother Mary’s response was, “Just put love right in the middle of your rage and send it to him.”

Anger by itself, can turn into hatred, it can create wars – but anger with love?  Well, what happened, the short story is, my boss reacted the first day, but I’m going to give you the third day.  The third day after I sent him this missal of love, I came into work and there was a terrarium on my desk.

My boss walked out of the office and gave me a big hug.   Said he dropped all the grievances and thanked me for all the work and the love that I was giving on the job.

That was the power of anger when it’s was fused with love.  And if we’re willing, if you’re willing to get off it and to marry it, to marry love with whatever emotion you’ve got going with you, then all the emotions are yours to have at it.  You can be as angry and full of hurt as you want to, but you put the love in it…

If you do that, now you have positioned yourself to be in the frequency of your higher mind.  Now you can be lifted into higher zones.  Now you’re ready to receive the highest offerings.

We are all invited to the big feast.   We are all invited to this new home, to this new zone.  That’s the gift that Neptune is offering all of us.  But we don’t get to get that gift until we get off of our positioning, off of our biases, off of our victim, off of our pointing and oint’ing and putting the blame outside of ourselves.  The whole universe is within.  As above, so below.

So let me just look at my notes and see if there’s anything that I wanted to say.  Yes, we have these magical powers within us.  It’s all there, it’s all inside, but it will do us little good unless we recognize it.

If you do not recognize your power, no problem – use your intention, use your prayers, use your action to – ask for it!  Have the audacity to ask for what it is you truly want.  You don’t recognize your divine powers?  Open up a dialogue with Source – “Show me!  I’m being told that there’s power in me that I’m not aware of.  I’m open.”  Then remember to make a space for the answer to come, and let go of your idea of how the answer should come.  It could come through a dream, through a book, through a knock at your door.  You ask, and you will receive.  That’s the truth of it.

Okay.  I’ve gone on a lot longer than I anticipated.  There are certain things that I talked about in May that are still happening in the month of June.  And that’s the changing of the No Node from Virgo to Leo.

We’re in that change now.  This is our time to don our king and queen, and our little child.   While we are checking out our mind system, check and see about your inner child.   Some of us, we don’t want to grow up, ‑‑ we want to just stay a child, and that’s not good because we need to be author of our life, and the way we author our life is being queen, (king if you’re a male), in your universe.

And then there are some of us – that’s all we want to do is be the king and queen – be the boss and rule – and we don’t want to be the little kid.   But it’s important that we be a little kid.  It’s the little kid where all that newness comes in – the fresh new ideas and creativity and love and beauty and all that good stuff .  It’s where we connect with innocence.

Ok, I know people are having a hard time looking at things that are more than five or ten minutes, however, my problem is I have a hard time keeping anything within those boundaries.

So thank you so much for tuning in.  If you did not tune in, I would not be sharing this, and I would not be so critically aware as to what’s going on in the heavens, and there’s a lot going on.  There’s a lot I would love to share with you, new planets that have been discovered, which means new capacities and powers that are available to us.

If there are requests, if you would like me to do such a thing, I will start looking at doing a webinar.  And go over your personal chart and some of the new celestial happenings that are occurring.  Emphasizing how you can incorporate and integrate such happenings into your life.

Thank you, those of you who have reached out to me and either made a contribution financially or a contribution to me personally by telling me how these musings are affecting you.  You are invited to e‑mail or make a comment on YouTube or message me on FB.  I still have the good old‑fashioned landline.  I don’t even own a cell, so don’t waste your text time.

I spend a lot of time going inward for reflection, but I also love connecting with you.  It makes it worth all the hours that I go through gathering and collecting myself so I can share this with you every month.  It’s my joy.

And again, there is a love donation button on my website for those of you who want to press it…  As I stated before, I am working with a computer guy who helps me get this out to you each month.  I can’t do this all by myself, you know, it wouldn’t be fun, and if it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t want to continue doing it.  So it’s really fun if I get some financial help for this.  And thank you very much for those of you that are in the position to contribute and really want to, thank you.

So share this with your friends if you’re enjoying it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Have a magical time of it.

Aho,  Live in the flow.  Ashé, let magic light your way.

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