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Gemini Time – Prime For Upgrading Your Mind

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Gemini is magical time – IF – you vibrate at the frequency of Higher Mind.


Thank you for joining me again.

This month, in keeping with the personality of Gemini, I made a longer-than-usual video with a couple of stories illustrating points I made. Instead of transcribing or writing an article, this month I’m giving you an overview of the points I made on the video. I encourage you to listen to it and let me know your thoughts about it. Ok, here it goes…


“Gemini is the most important sign of the Zodiac,” says Alice Bailey.

Remember you have all 12 signs within, no matter what sign your sun is in.

JuneArticle02There are many reasons for A. B. to say this. One reason is, of what value is life if you have no awareness, and no means of expression?

A. B. says Gemini is important because it represents the duality within life itself. And that Gemini stands behind each sign.

Not only does Gemini rule duality – but its exoteric ruler is Mercury – portrayed in the Tarot as the Magician… the Magi, the trickster, the messenger of the Stars. Venus is esoteric ruler of Gemini. The Venus ruler ship alludes to the fact that if love is not present there is no real communication.


JuneArticle03Gemini is represented in the Tarot as Key 6, The Lovers. Mercury- Key 1 the Magician. Venus- Key 3, the Empress.

This is the best month to realign your mind. Set the kind of goals and intentions that will keep you in Higher Mind. It is also great for the establishment of communication between your mortal and immortal twins.

You would do well to remember, the more often you have a certain thought or experience, the stronger that network becomes. Most of the thought patterns you have developed are deeply unconscious.

A mutable cross brings about conditions that produce great periods of change. June holds a mutable cross on June 2. Moon Virgo, Mars Gemini,

Saturn Sagittarius, Chiron Pisces. The rest of the month has 2 T-squares.

Because it’s mutable delays and setbacks can occur in all forms of communication and transportation.

These squares are great for assessing and upgrading your communication system.

Astrology teaches, life is part fate, part free will – this is a great time to increase your free will by undertaking the management of your mind. It’s also good preparation for the upcoming solar eclipse in August.

How aware are you of the fact that, life lines up behind your thoughts and beliefs? You may say, yes, ‘I know all that’, but do you put it to the test?

One of my illustrations was watching a prejudice cop drop his positioning, and turn a potential $1000 ticket into a warning. I tell this story in the video.

Some people try to tell me it’s cause I’m magical… but I know it’s because I caught myself anticipating a fine… and I changed my mind.

It’s a good time to let go of biases and remind yourself of the value in being neutral. Living life without biases is the highest form of Gemini. It’s also a time to remind yourself that to remain in Higher Mind, the only response to anything and everything must have love in it.

Yes there are lots of things happening in the stars… New planets discovered which means new powers available for our use… there’s planetary contact with Galactic Center and more but, you cannot partake in the new offerings without first cultivating Higher Mind.


Take advantage of the full moon on the 10th. You would be wise to use that energy to recognize and affirm your divine powers, ground, and balance.

If you feel cut off from your divine powers, then you would be wise to use this time to ask for help.

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Aho, dance, sing, play in the flow. Ashé, let love lead your way.

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