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Get into your Magical State of Mind

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Magical powers are at your fingertips! At the request of a friend, here is a shorter, more simpler (I hope) version of The current pow wow in the sky between Pluto, Uranus, Venus and the Moon as referred to in my earlier post, ‘Be Prepared AstroAlchemically’.

The Magical Power of this Pow Wow…can be harnessed for your desires, and needs. All you need to know is – Magical, Celestial powers are at your fingertips. And to use these powers all you need do is heed certain Spiritual Laws.

So What’s the Law? ‘What you focus on is what you get.’ So by all means don’t focus long on getting rid of what you don’t want . . . rather focus on what you do want!

‘Seek Yee first the Kingdom of Heaven’ So one way is to ask the universe to elevate you to your Highest, Best’est, most forgiving, version of your Self!

Ask or intend to vibrate at the frequency of inner peace, confidence, inspiration dot dot dot. Spend time playing with those words of faith, fun and magic. You might write a rhyme, a song even. But do play with Magical words. Life grows out of the rich soil of Words, Visions, Assumptions and Magical States of Mind. The magic I’m referring to is not about sleigh of hands, but about the mystical wisdom of the Magi. The Wise men, the Astrologers – The keepers of the memories of our Cosmic, Holy and Multidimensional Heritage! We are all the descendants of Stars, Galaxies and God(s)!

Remaining in a magical state of mind is key to being aligned with Souls’ Guidance and to do so requires relaxation. Give yourself time to just breathe. Let everything go and let the Soul take control. It’s the Souls’ Guidance that puts us in the path of our wishes.   And our Uranus side of Self, distributes what? Our greatest hopes and dreams ! No need to believe our dreams and wishes are being granted, we just need to have the audacity to ask for what we want! Then Trust or ask for trust, in the Universe to deliver us to our wish itself or the next step toward (to word) it.

This may sound easy, maybe for you it is. But for me it is work to maintain my energy field. Keep it grounded, centered, cleared and balanced. It takes awareness and gut level honesty, it takes the willingness to see truth and correct or cancel as the need may be. Love myself regardless of how far off track I find myself and when I appear to fail, pick myself up, put a smile on my face and start all over again.

“If the mind orients itself towards the perception of truth, the vision of the eternal, then it will see the falseness of the external world and the reality of the inner consciousness. If (the mindset), if it orients itself to our selfish fears and desires as reality, it will create illusion, a neurotic or even schizophrenic view of life.” The Astrology of the Seers, by David Frawkey, page 92 Hence a deciding factor of how our lives line up is determined by what we allow our mind to focus upon.

In conclusion:

‘Seek Yee First the Kingdom of heaven’, i.e; Intend to be elevated and rooted in your Highest State of Being.

‘ Keep your eye on the Prize!’, i.e; Stay focused on What you want – NOT what you don’t want or how YOU think you can get what you want. Trust.

Leave the How To’s to the Universe, Uranus, and his grandson Mercury, aka Vishnu, Horus, Hermes – all aspects in you. ‘Nothing is as it seems.’ Life does not work the way we were propagandized to believe. Life is Magical! Elevate to Magics’ frequency and Dream up your Highest fancy!

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