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Grab Your Scuba Gear, Neptune’s Near

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Yes, Grab your Scuba gear and your fins
we’re going deep “see” diving
to explore what’s new within.

Neptune symbolMarch begins with Neptune near conjunct its’ Piscean Sun.
Neptune, the one who guides us thru the lowest forms of deception
to the heights of divine perfection.

S/he is feminine and masculine
the inner genie and Houdini who lives within
both mystic and escape artist par excellence

Ah but beware when S/he’s near her shadow grows
fear, confusion, delusion, prisons and victims.

Then again, at its’ supreme,
Neptune is God of oceans, visions and dreams
the highest form of love
ruler of most things unseen.

Just ‘cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it don’t exist…
You can’t see air, but if it stopped being there…

Ok so Neptune doesn’t rule earthly air,
but S/he does reign the psychic terrain
where all blueprinting for manifesting begins.

Therefore we would be wise to cultivate the mystic eye
benefit by being mindful
what we think about and talk about,
mindful what we’re seeing…
for what we see, we be

Therefore, let’s heed the picturing of Key 12 in the Tarot
and metaphorically hang by our toes
and let everything we think we know go

So Neptunian love can unfold within us
the identity and abilities of our Divinity.

ar12The Hang man key is Neptune’s picture
of that great reversal
identified by scripture

Depicting the renewal of our psyche in its entirety
which must occur if we are to be
entirely free

The 12th key illustrates how to be
when at spiritual crossroads.
And with Neptune gracing its own sign Pisces,
until 2026
crossroads is where we be.

How else do I know we are at a major crossroad?
Whenever a new planet shows itself
humanity is ready to see an upgraded version of reality.

But these days, not one, but a few
dwarf planets have come into view.
I personally work with four, but there’s still more

These planetoids are so far flung,
one is said to have well over a 10,000 year orbit around the sun
thus extending the extent of our solar system

Because “As above so below”
This new brew is confirming our capacity
to grow beyond the boundaries of what we have believed to be
the limits of our identity and abilities.

Showing us no matter how small or how far from us a planet be
it still affects us and therefore is part of us.
A great testimony to the fact
We are one with everything!

Do we dare choose new over old
trade in our lust for the gold of the Sun
and like the Sun, shine our love on everyone
without exception?

The consequence of remaining reigned
by the societal terrain
or constrained by perpetual desire
is spiritual suicide.

A new consciousness is growing like a fetus in all of us.
Asking us to venture beyond the threshold of the established.
Asking us to face the inevitable fear that appears
when we venture beyond the known.

Asking us to trust we are being shown the way
to a brighter day, regardless how conflicted
the world seems to be

If you have planets near 9˚, Neptune is having its personal way with you.
Know that before Neptune is through with its sojourn thru Pisces
it will have connected with every aspect of your life
each crisis offering you a chance to renew and re-tune.

Why not do the Neptunian thing
rest, sleep, dream, contemplate, meditate,
bathe in frankincense.
Dance, play or listen to
inspirational “muse’ic.”

Whatever you do, don’t let guilt get you
even if you find yourself binging, escaping
or falling short of your potential.

This too shall pass
your bottom line intent
is to surpass and serve the Entirety.

Awareness of your predicament
moment by moment
is the action which frees you.

So, make space to do nothing
Make space to do some creative thing
and pray, play and set your intent to not run away
from the challenges life is presenting you with.

Have faith that no matter the masquerade,
whatever enters your life is by Divine Charade
to help you align with the Ultimate.

And, good will come from all of it
you let it.
And you let it by proclaiming …

Screaming even, with the emotion of whatever you’re feeling
something to the effect of:
“Show me where the gift is in this!”

For first there is the word. And your word is your wand.
And what you think about and talk about is growing
whether you see it, feel it or not.

And what you brew eventually will birth thru
If you don’t like what you see, empty and change your reverie.
Focus on soul-lutions not problems ‘Cause

When you change
your circumstance changes
and what you change
the world!

And change is in the air – big time.    What’s more, this month

Mars is in Scorpio, sign of mass consciousness.
So we best be especially centered and grounded
to avoid being dashed around and confounded
by the fears of the masses over worldly affairs.

We best be about ridding ourselves of war and prejudice…
and focus on love, peace, bliss
instead of pointing that proverbial finger.
And, pray pray pray
for prayer is the Neptunian way.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ― Albert Einstein

Let us engage in constant conversation
with Neptunian Divinity of your choice.

Nothing can change on the outside until it’s changed within.
So let us hang by our toes till our next step is exposed
from beyond the workings of our blind mind.

This is the time to be led by our inner Divine
Neptune; please renew, re-tune and return us
to Divinity Consciousness!

Sondráya Sayings
Keep your eye on the prize, not the “so called” evil guy!”
“Divinity is our true reality”
“For ultimate freedom, Neptune is the frequency to attune to!”
Aho, let go into Neptune’s flow.  Ashé, walk in Love’s way!

Love & blessings to you all!

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