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Jupiter in Scorpio, what magic is possible?

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049f24db18bf3329f726f67189049d62--egyptian-queen-egyptian-artBetween Oct 10, 2017 and Nov 8, 2018
What magic will you educe as Jupiter
journeys thru Scorpio, revealer of the Soul?

If you really want to know…
Dress in your Priestess Robes
adorn Scorpion to your Queenly Crown
prepare audaciously to venture down
past your normal habitat.

Face what you have feared to see
free more of your true Identity – Divinity!

Pray, open immortal portals
in thought, emotion, intention and sensation

Dive deep your insecurities
Seek your purity
call forth your protectors Mars & Pluto
to go where you go
for Scorpios’ terrain can appear
hazardous, even treacherous.

But if you remain aware, awake
Scorpios sight will bring to light
what you need to let go
so as to forsake in total – ego for Soul

And if you let Scorpion perch
upon your sacred Crown
with eyes and tail/tale alert
for any false tale you’ve believed or told –
such lies can be swapped for the gold of your Soul.

                                              TIP: Don a stance of Queenly command
Unleash yourd0876342ef89c7a65a4b107a75914d1a priestess power and demand
Sacred Scorpion grace your crown.

Relinquish your two eyes for Scorpions’ twelve
Vow to delve into hidden recesses of your consciousness.

Throughout the day endeavor to remember your scorpion crown.

Doing so will help you to see what needs seeing
kill what needs killing and transmute pent up energy into power.

This exercise can help you hour by hour
live more and more in the moment
and stay connected with the Source of Soul
living equally in beings and beasts.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT Month. Tune in to understand Scorpios’ Decans and see how they relate to the uncovering of the Golden Seed of Immortality.

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Magical Blessings & Blissings,


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