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A Rare Cosmic Happening You’ll Want to Know About!….. (for audio, click below or read more)

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If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms in the audio, please check the “Glossary.”  Please Use ear buds!


The potential for spiritual expansion is off-the-charts! Neptune, the most mystical planet in our solar system is “transiting,” traveling through its own sign Pisces, the most mystical sign of the Zodiac. Every time Neptune has entered Pisces, there has been a spiritual renaissance!

This only happens every 165 years; it began in 2011 and will end in 2026.

Neptune in Pisces is here to help lift us back into the “Kingdom of our Divine Nature”: help us believe it, own it, and live it.

This month, generous galactic gift giver Jupiter has joined Neptune in cosmic conversation by what is termed an opposition; broadcasting… Read more

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