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Pluto, Power hidden below, does it enslave you or save you?

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Note: It’s best to listen with headphones. Yes this is also the audio for Sondráya’s November Women’s Voices Magazine article “Pluto Death to the Old… Life to the New… Quantum Truth Recouped!”


plutomed2thumbnail Pluto, master of “the below”
exoteric ruler of Scorpio
esoteric of Pisces
tiny as an atom
mighty as a bomb
alien, dwarf, quantum reality, beyond the beyond

For an audio, expanded version of this column, click here.

So what exactly is Pluto’s function?

Transformer! Alchemist par excellence!

PlutoPluto decrees death to the false, resurrection of the True. He interrupts structures so as to renew and elevate you to the highest level of being your belief system will allow… if… you want Him to.

Pluto can blast you into quantum levels of reality. But first he must debug you, clear out limiting programming, old prejudices, hurts, habits and addictions…

Yes, Pluto can be difficult until you’ve muted your ego and lifted your loving to the level of soul. Pluto is slow, penetrating… thorough, erupting with no warning… ruthless, sometimes formidable… His Alchemy potential?  P o w e r f u l !

One thing we can deduce
Pluto, is not one of the foundational seven
therefore is not necessary for survival.

Pluto is necessary to urge you to venture through the formidable, beyond the familiar and the comfortable… to your “Real Home.”Just as birth is often a pain, it’s the same for our undoing… even our renewing. Just the idea of being lifted into the “Kingdom “for many – is incredibly fearful – because it’s beyond the “normal.”

Mass hypnotic control, man’s abuse of Pluto.

Einstein 9810We have been programmed to place societal conditioning above our own inner promptings. We have been trained to place worldly law above God’s. We’ve been hypnotized to elevate the logical brain over the intuitive. And, we’ve been trained to believe imagination is just childish lore. This insures against whole mindedness and blinds us against true perception. How can we perceive truly with half a brain?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

The programming of the masses has been “amped up” exponentially due to technology and the deceitful splitting off the intuitive brain… Even so, there’s never been as many enlightened beings across the globe… also due to technology and Plutonian recovery of the intuitive faculty.

For centuries, we’ve been captured inside a contrived, greed driven economic system and, programmed to accept it. Keeping humanity at survival insures against higher mind revival. If you want to see just how deep and purposeful the programming has become, check out U. N. agenda 21. But, don’t waste your understanding on anger or fear. Use what you come to know to call forth the…

Alchemy of Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn, not guns and bombs, is the best weapon to disarm the dark. Strategy and mastery of Divinity, these “be” the Capricornian powers that free… as we employ right use of word and will.

Yes, Pluto is transiting Capricorn, sign of mastery. Ancient mystics have aligned Capricorn with Tarots’ Devil Key, number 15 Hmmm, could it be, it takes Capricorn mastery to embody the “Christed” consciousness needed to defeat devilry and trickery?

Capricorn misused, leads to dictatorship, slavery, corporate malpractice, government manipulation and control… Capricorn integrated at its highest has the qualities needed to bring devilry to its knees, both within and without.

Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024. Pluto, esoteric ruler of Pisces, has positioned himself, like any great general, to provide supreme strategic support to ensure the fulfillment of Neptune and Pisces’ mystical mission. (See Sept. and Oct. articles.)

And so the mystics of long ago
gave good clues as to how to educe the alchemy of Pluto
by its placement on the Tree of Life along with Esoteric Tarot

Key 20 JudgmentAs is noted by its position on the Tree
Pluto’s pathway is between Sphere 8, field of Mercury
and Sphere 10, earthly manifestation.
This placement alludes to right use of Mercury,
the magi of communication and transportation
which implies Pluto can be managed with right use of “magic-willed” words… as in such proclamations: “get thee behind me…”

Pluto is illustrated in Tarot by Key 20 which portrays posturing conducive to resurrecting out of ego and into the “Kingdom.” It also implies sound is a power that can break down the old and build up the new… replace falsity with true.

Scientific findings are catching up with ancient mystics. Evidence is confirming we exist in an intelligent, living universe. Space is alive with wisdom as is all matter, animate and inanimate. The cells and atoms in our body are alive, intelligent, responsive to thoughts, beliefs and feelings… so are the stars… “as above so below.”

Those in control know, so beware of agendas… that may target your atoms… to urge you to believe you have a disease… so you’ll buy their brand of pharmacy. Again, it’s not about getting angry, fearful or upset. It’s about being forewarned so you can get forearmed!

In lieu of devilish mass mind tamperings, you would be wise to set up conditions whereby you do your own questioning about the nature of reality. To do so, you’ll need to let go everything you’ve been taught and programmed to believe. A way to let go… apply the alchemy of Neptune and Hang Man ideology. (See October column.)

Near last but not least, congratulations all ye Scorpios! Your 2 ½ year Saturn initiation is complete. Hopefully you took heed and have new seed to feed the sweet. Continue to nourish your new point of view so life can unfold its magic unto you.

Pluto, personal, private, tribal, ancestral
underworld, hidden world…
magical power waiting to be resurrected
into a Divine New
Quantum “Realitied” You!

Love offering mini-readings, dealing specifically with Pluto will be extended throughout November, on behalf of Olokun and Aganju, Orishas of my Sun.

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“Keep on grounding! Check it on-goingly.” (See September article.)

“Make cleaning and protecting your aura a joyful daily habit.” (See October article.)

“There is nothing your Holiness cannot do!” ACIM wkbk #38

Aho, let go into Pluto’s flow. Ashe, walk in a powerful way! Love & blessings to you all!

Photo Credit 1 – NASA, ESA, H. Weaver (JHU/APL), A. Stern (SwRI), and the HST Pluto Companion Search Team

Photo Credit 2 – Good Reads

Photo Credit 3 – Key 12 Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
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The deck was first published in December 1909 in the United Kingdom. Due to retroactive extensions of UK copyright law, it may remain copyrighted there until 70 years after the death of original artist Pamela Colman Smith. In the United States, retroactive copyright extensions do not apply to works published in the U.S. before 1923, and the original deck has consequently been freely used by American artists in numerous different media projects.

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