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Saturn Conjuncts Galactic Center

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Gut level self-honesty brings reward!

saturn-planet-space-background-wallpaperThis is major prep time. Need to investigate the contents of your mind. Clear out falsity, delusion and illusion.

Why? Right now, Venus is retrograde, Saturn is conjunct Galactic Center and Pluto is in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign and Neptune is in Pisces its own sign.

There will be a shift of the Nodes in May – from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/ Aquarius. The transit of the No Node in Leo, from May 10 – Nov 7, 2018 is the best time to don the Royal Robes of your Soul. – Making this a time to question the very foundation from which you are creating your life.

Be willing to tear it all down and start a new if you find you need to. The rewards for doing so are phenomenal, the penalty for not – will likely be monumental.

It’s our time to prepare to know we are authors of our world. A time to train our ears and eyes to stay focused ‘on the prize’! A time for discovering and manifesting our true authenticity. A time to start projects, of the heart.

Let’s put it this way, if you are feeling victim to anything, you are not living your authenticity. If you are not filled with love of the Divine, you are not in your ‘True’ mind. If you are not living from Divinity, you are out of integrity.

The truth of who you are is mighty, powerful, loving, creative and wise beyond measure. That person you normally call your ‘self’… is just an outer shell of the truth of who you truly be.

Let me repeat, this is major prep time. You would be wise to investigate the contents of your mind. Clear out falsity, delusion and illusion.   No easy feat. In order to do so… you must be gut level honest with yourself to the bone of your soul.

No cover ups will do, no half measures will do. No victim stories will get you thru. Saturn the karmic planet of integrity and mastery is conjunct the Galactic center.

Heralding the best time to connect with our royalty, reset our reality or suffer the consequences of the false face of mediocrity.

Get rid of all the bull, get rid of egoic holds. Cut to the chafe… Question self. If you are not in integrity; if you’re not busy finding and uprooting untruths – life will likely deal you heavy karmic lessons to try to get you to change your limiting ways.

NodesBut – if you are willing to see what is blocking the Royal you, and self-correct… when the month of May comes around you will be ready to don your royal crown… Ready to begin to come in to a power within yourself you have never let in before.

If you try to keep everything safe, the same, the small… pretend, settle, just cope… well good luck… you will need it. Cause Saturn just might knock you down, hold you accountable, make life miserable until you do what you need to do to live your life from your ‘Highest’ integral point of view.

So – deal with the old – ready yourself for the new to
catapult you into your ‘Heredity’ of greater grandeur.

North node in Leo is a time to be bold. Audacity creates capacity for miracles. Even if you are feeling way dis-connected from your Soul; even if you are feeling victimized, down sized – don’t let that stop you from using the energy of your doubts, worries and fears to demand and command the Universe, Life Herself, God, if you will – to deliver you to your authenticity, to help you reclaim your Divine Heredity – the Truth of your Soul.

It’s time for all of us to let go of all the limiting ideas we have about our self and everybody else… ‘We’re just human; there’s only so much we can do; we’re victims to those in control’…

No – we are children of the Universe, of Life Herself, God, if you will!

And when we have the audacity to ask with our whole heart and soul, when we ask with intent to not quit till we do receive – we do receive!

Aho, let go, live in the flow. Ashé, let the ‘True You’ lead the way.

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