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Saturn, Scapegoat of the Gods

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is in Sagittarius, sign of the Higher Mind…
for the next 2 ½ years.


Kagaya_zodiac_art_SAGITTARIUS1s_300x300Explore, experiment, expand… Inside, everyone has power so grand, it is said when you discover it, you will move mountains.

Your Higher Mind is a gold mine, capable of feats far beyond current beliefs.

And, for all you Sagittarians, the potential for graduation into “Higher Realms” of spiritual actualization is stacked in your favor… IF… you don’t resist the trials and tests of Saturn whose job it is to hone you into a state of mastery.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a time to Read More

Picture is from http://www.wallcoo.net/paint/KAGAYA_THE_ZODIAC/index.html

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