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Set Loose in You the Unicorn of Capricorn

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Note: It’s best to listen with headphones.

January Planetary Overview
The first few days of 2016, both Venus and Mercury begin in pragmatic and unbeknownst to most – fanciful Capricorn.

On the 5th Mercury retrogrades… supporting the revaluing necessary for a re-newed point of view.

For 2 ½ years Saturn, ruler of Capricorn will traverse thru the Higher Visionary Mind sign of Sagittarius.

Until Sept 9, 2016 Jupiter, exoteric ruler of Sag, is in perfectionistic, health and service minded Virgo.

Action focused Mars starts the year in balance, beauty oriented Libra. On the 4th he begins his sojourn in penetrating, investigating Scorpio until the end of July.

Thru 2024, Pluto will continue to plow the depths of structural, foundational Capricorn… providing incentive for us to cut loose unwarranted patterns and programs which block our alignment to spiritual essence.

All the while Neptune, along with wounded healer Chiron, continues moving thru its exoteric sign of Pisces, the sign governing all things mystical, intangible and unseen… supporting our personal “at-one-ment” with the Spiritual Renaissance of these times.

Meanwhile Uranus is enlightening and upgrading the mind thru the pioneer sign of Aries.

This celestial arrangement in its entirety supports us in
taking the initiative to wield the powers of our imagination
in order to take us to new heights of Divine Self Realization.

This is a time to activate the magical, mythical Unicorn mind to create new and vastly improved possibilities… to unleash the fanciful to manifest the factual.

Unicorn of Capricorn
“Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical. It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth… Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim, to what can be known but not told.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Secret_Valley_Capricorns_free_fantasy_computerdesktop_wallpaper_800Let the old goat go,
Summon the new and fanciful
Un-leash imagination
for spiritual re – creation

Grab your Sagittarian arrows
Set sight upon the place you want to grace
Spring back the bow and let it go.

Arrow? But of course When Saturn rides the horse (Saturn in Sag)
He has special access to Sagittarian “vision’arian” secrets.

Here Saturn can be more easily swayed
to forsake material ways
for the ethereal
which opens the door to
the field of infinite possibilities
via Capricorns’ Unicorn mind.

Unicorn? How did practical Capricorn
sign of a domesticated goat
come to denote a mythical animal?

As Neville put it, “Imagination is our redeemer, ‘the Lord from Heaven’ born of man but not begotten of man… Thru imagination man escapes from the limitations of the senses and the bondage of reason.” – Neville “Awakened Imagination”

When once the choice is made from material to ethereal
the wise man sees
imagination, our image nation, is the real foundation
of all manifestation.

Yes, wisdom knows life grows out of vision
the womb from which reality
in actuality
is birthed on earth.

However, ungrounded and unacted upon visions
turns Unicorns’ magical powers
into fanciful imaginings
that comes to naught but unfertilized dreams.

Visions need tending as any earthly garden
weeding, watering, and loving as only a sun can give.

So we would be wise to use our Unicorn eye
to cultivate the love of our Sun
radiating from the sky of our heart.
For when we are “on beam”
we are the light of the world.

Magic begins where self-centeredness ends

Choose to be used to give service to something else beyond your Self.
Then and only then will you secure the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…
Then and only then will you prove witness to
the truth of the decree
“ask and you shall receive…”

With “Unicorned eye” you are enabled to see…
life unfolds according to beliefs.

So why not make this a time to elevate your mind…. Empty out what’s been told and sold you. Unleash new beliefs to support a new and improved magical, spiritual point of view…

“Between 1993 and 2000, western science confirmed what ancient spiritual traditions have always said… that we are based in a field of intelligent energy.  Quantum physicists have determined that the quality of our beliefs, while we observe our world, actually determines what is unfolding… What stands between us and what the universe holds for us, is our beliefs…” -Gregg Braden

Nothing here is as it seems, remember we are crafters of our dream…
“Imagination, the real and eternal world of which this Vegetable Universe is but a faint shadow. What is the life of Man but Art and Science?” – William Blake “Jerusalem”

So don your Alchemist robes, for the great transmutation of Alchemy is the transformation of selfishness into integrity and service to the greater whole.   Summon up the Ultimate imaginable and determine to live in the magical, each moment – new!

Let the Unicorn thru
Happy New Year, Happy New and Ever Re-newed you!

Love offering mini-readings, dealing specifically Saturn and Capricorn will be extended throughout January, on behalf of Olokun and Aganju, Orishas of my Sun.

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“Nothing is as it seems.”

“Live not in the mind
calling forth Spirit
Rather, live in Spirit
and call forth the mind”

“Keep on grounding! Check it on-goingly.” (See September column.)

“Make cleaning and protecting your aura a joyful daily habit.” (See October column.)

Aho, love flows. Ashe, dream into being a magical Unicorned way.

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