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Transcendental Newness is Upon Us

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Greetings from Sondráya’s monthly Musings.  Ok so it hasn’t been monthly – but hopefully it will be.  I’ve recently employed a great computer guy to do my “I don’t like to’s” i.e, uploading and postings etc.  Cross your fingers…  Meanwhile, for audio click here.

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pic1 editTranscendental Newness is upon us
due to our Great Awakener Uranus
taking a 7-year walk thru Aries, (2011-2018)

along with two new 21st century dwarf planet discoveries
Haumea in Libra and Eris in Aries
planetoids found beyond the bounds of Pluto.

Don’t let size and distance fool you
into thinking these two will cower
before larger or nearer planetary powers.

These mighty new dwarfs have the valor to help us
break the bonds of mind set habits that have kept us
from fully embracing our Divinity.

I believe these three Haumea, Eris and Uranus
have aligned together to mentor us
in the unmasking of powers within us,
of the Star Trek, fairy godmother kind.

I believe they have emerged to help us align
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
in our Cosmic Divinity
in order to deal with the enormity of the problems of our times.

Some say Eris is a female Uranus, others equate her with Pluto.
Either way, rage filled Eris
exposes hypocrisies and rallies to the aid of those
suffering from inequalities.

Haumea gives birth from many parts of her body.
Having the capacity to draw direct from within her being
sustenance and remedies to address any malady…

I contend, mother goddess that she be,
Haumea, has come to help
channel this mighty Eris anger within us

into victory over
the gross inhumanities
and the hideous debaucheries occurring on our planet
in the name of profit.

Uranus is a great great Saint Nick
ruler of earthquakes and tornadoes
His gift can shift us furiously quick
out of the human zone into heavens home.

But, It’s up to us to dig thru his rubble for rubies
Uranus doesn’t care much about
how his disruptions cause discomfort and pain
His only aim
is to awaken us and free us
in the quickest way possible.

Uranus, the Great Awakener is equally at home
with the scientist, the commoner and the mystic.
Uranus can unleash within us – Genius

Why not dare talk to Uranus, question him…
Eris and Haumea too.
Don’t be fooled by form or distance.
Planets are spheres of living intelligence
above us and within us.
Talk with them as you would any wise guru or friend.

I suggest you don’t believe or disbelieve what is written here
Test it!  Be your own scientist.
If you believe there is Intelligence,
such as God, in everything
why not dare dialogue with it?

This remarkable trio, Uranus, Haumea and Eris
are capable of activating miracles
albeit likely disguised in catastrophes
to address the blasphemies of our times.

It is up to us to purge our minds
of anger of the righteous kind,
and bid these planetary powers

unleash divine love in us
so we can illuminate into reality,
a decree from ACIM (A Course in Miracles):
“There is nothing our holiness cannot do.”

These are not meant to be unrooted words.
They express a true Aquarian age ability
which can be set free – if-
we will but attempt
to align with our Divinity.

We cannot unlock our true capabilities without unlocking our
Cosmic Consciousness of the Divine or extraterrestrial kind.

Our true abilities are far beyond what we’ve come to believe.
We are simultaneously human and multidimensional beings.
But we can’t sit around believing this.  We need to be it, digest it and live it.

This month, the Sun, Venus and Mercury will conjunct Sedna,
yet another newly discovered planetoid,
again suggesting our ability
to discover within us qualities
we never dared dream of before.

pic2Aries will share center stage not only in this month of Taurus,
but all year through due to Aries being the sign Uranus and Eris are traveling through.  (Eris has 560 year orbit around the sun so she will be in Aries for many years to come.)

The unpredictable nature of Uranus
and the often impatient character of Aries
combined with Eris
can set fire to emotional outburst in relationships
personally and globally – especially if one feels unfairly treated.

Those of you with planets near 23 degrees will experience this configuration personally according to sign and house placement.

Do remember
Jupiter is still in the health sign of Virgo until September,
making this a most auspicious time to find the best remedies, rituals and routines
to keep your body healthy and happy.

In Summary   The mythology of these new planetoids
tells us we can go no further
each of us develops true caring for all humanity
not just our friends and family,
but for the earth and all lifeforms upon her.

Haumea, due to her gift, according to myth,
to give birth from different parts of her body…
her brain, her thighs, her eyes… reminds us:

What we worry about we are watering.
What we focus on we are birthing.
and what we fear we are inviting
into the arena of our lives.

Haumea, testifies that we all have inside,
soul-utions to the myriad of problems we appear to face personally and globally.
She demonstrates we can draw forth from within our self
remedies necessary to deal effectively with all life’s quandaries …

Eris says, we must turn our anger into power
and use this power to burst thru the veils of illusion –
our perceptual prison of beliefs.

Haumea reminds us the greatest power is Love.

So, let’s use this power to intend and aspire
to continually evolve into ever higher states of being

Aries, as master of the head reminds us:
Be mindful of what we say and see
and remember:  “what we see we be!”

What there is to know about the Divine potential of these times
cannot be known by prophet, psychic or seer…
Future is not set…

At the end of the day it’s all Divine Play

If you let it,
what is to be done by you
will come thru you
by way of the “I Am” of the Ram
and thru the ultimate love of Taurus

Let the Doer do its do!  Let love shine Divine thru you.
Aho,  Ashé
May  magic light your way.


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