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Unleash Audacity! Meet Celestial Activities at their highest Capacity

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pic 1 - aug wk 1 - 2017September begins with a Grand FireTrine (Saturn Sag, Mars Leo, Uranus Aries)
Featuring gift giving, truth freeing Uranus and extended by Venus as she dances into aspect between the 11th -19th.

How do you wish to utilize this?



Howdy Wowie, I have definitely been eclipsed! How about you?

That eclipse may be behind us, but especially those of us who were ‘fingered’ – the workings will, thank goodness, linger… Record those intuitional flashes. Audacity to act on them could prove exceptionally rewarding.

Think of the Eclipses as seedings. In a year or so we’ll be able to know exactly what’s been growing… particularly if we make it a point to nurture the plantings.

Let me remind you, this was an extra special eclipse seeding – offering the potential for merging with nothing short of – your authentic Spiritual Self!… your Soul!

pic 2 - aug wk 1 - 2017
And oh them Nodes them Leo/Aquarius Nodes… The Eclipse may be gone but the Nodes carry on…enticing us to merge with and integrate our Authentic Divine.




In Alchemy as in Christianity, we are told to “Seek ye first the Kingdom.”
It takes audacity to truly and unwaveringly seek the Kingdom – your Divine Legacy. And it takes audacity to deal with the purposeful programming designed to deter your Awakening and prevent you from claiming your True Powers.

This eclipse has shown me personally – audacity – has been my key; the quality that has gotten me thru when I’ve lost my faith, sunk to my lowest. It was my audacity to ask for my needs when drowning in doubt, fear and disbelief. This asking showed me, I didn’t need to believe. I needed the audacity to take action and ask for what I wanted to receive – even when it looked like impossibility. Yes my natal north node is in the audacious sign of Leo.

Tip for the week: Feed the Leo Eclipse. Activate audacity: Ask yourself what one thing you can do to set audacity into motion.

It could be simply mustering up the audacity to ask if you can go ahead of someone at the supermarket.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK Tune in to see how your inner teenager holds the key to unleashing your audacity. And, how Virgo is contributing to celestial offerings …

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Sondráya, is an Astrologer, Alchemist, Poet, Sacred Dancer, and Fully Ordained Minister. She is enthusiastic about sharing practical ways to support you in opening yourself to the truth of your Divine Nature through the Mystical Art of Astrology. She is committed to serving, educating and helping you attune to the Magnificent Spiritual Renewal of our times and live your Dreams! To schedule an appointment go to

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