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Unleash Audacity! Week 2. Your inner Leo teen holds a Key!

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teen trineLeo represents the teenaged years. With these nodes in the Aquarius/Leo polarity, if you find yourself in times of trouble… its likely your inner teen is the culprit.

Her rebellion, her way of trying to save the day is what needs to be addressed. If you love her, don’t judge her, but be firm in your training of her, you’ll find she’ll give you the gift of creativity drenched in audacity and empower you to truly flower.
Teen aged panic, for example, oh that’s got plenty of power in it. But if you fight it, make it an enemy – that will feed havoc and inner conflict.

As a species, the celestial offering is to go beyond ego to Soul – beyond humanity, to Divinity! In our claiming, in our re-naming it takes audacity to move out of the humanized and dehumanized mass programming and rescue our Divine Legacy!

“Man must move out of the sphere of mind… to the plane of Supermind”… The Gnostic Circle

Virgo Duty Aug 22 –Sep 21
Sun and Mars in Virgo

Organizing can be fun when the sun shines on the house & book keeping side of Virgo. Make your lists, organize your gifts, analyze, prioritize, watch out for worries, weed them on first sight. Extract their energy to grow audacity so you can dare cultivate your highest reality.

Use that Mars energy so it doesn’t use you. Bitchiness, irritability or a tendency to feel hurried can occur if you’re not ‘on beam.” If centered in the now, you can accomplish a great deal while Mars is in Virgo. Feed your Mars your to do list. Keep it out of trouble by  diligently acting on it. Above all, make time to refine your health regimes, your exercise and eating routines…

Now for the high Priestess side of Virgo. Regardless whether you’re religious, spiritual or just plain worldly, the Priestess side of Virgo lights up holiness, kindness, pampering, caring and sharing thru serving… The mystics amongst us will feel the priestess side wanting expression… meditation, reflection, Soul-Self connection, God Goddess communing, keeper of the temple, of prayers and ritual.

Tip for the week: Feed Virgo & your Leo inner guy or girl. If you catch yourself off beam, being out of sorts, irritable, angry …   Stop. Breathe deep… Ask God or Higher self… if it’s appropriate to question your self orwitness yourself.

If you’re guided to witness:
Drop your shoulders, exhale, smile, and let the Universe breathe you while you witness. (Note smile is a mudra that tells your body all is alright.)

If you’re guided to question:
Ask: Is this my authentic expression? Is this a younger aspect of me? How old are you? Converse with your inner self as you would a child. Find out what’s bothering her (or him). Remind her of the power of love (Leo’s core expression) and encourage her to shine Love on her actions.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK Tune in to A Celestial overview, see why dissolution is a necessary contribution to the manifestation of goals and the alignment in Soul

If you’d like to see how audacity is best unleashed in you, call for your personal Astrological overview. Or order a computerized Astrological report.

Thanks for tuning in, speak with you next week.




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