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Unleash Audacity! Week 3

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Why is dissolution a necessary contribution to the manifesting of goals and the alignment in Soul?

dissolution“Dissolution is an inevitable process we can in no way avoid.  If we wish to be born into an ever new, higher and vaster realm of Divine Consciousness, it is imperative that we pass through the experience of Death.”   Paraphrased from The Gnostic Circle

Yes, death! to the false, to the illusion, to the untested assumptions.  Life! to the gumption it takes to shine your awareness on whatever comes at you inwardly or outwardly. Face it for the sole purpose of reclaiming your true Naming. This is not a time for hammock swinging, it’s a time to role up your sleeves, plant your seeds, pull up your weeds, while remaining alert and watchful.

Are you willing to call forth your audacity to step up into your dream and be masterful and vigilant? Are you willing to see what is so without having it be rose-color glassed for you? If so, you are doing the do. You are preparing space for living in the reality of ‘You’. Living up to the royal North Node in Leo; who is reflecting our Divine unfolding.

However, the rest of the planetary crew are doing their do too!   Let’s take a peek.

wheel of signsThis month and week our planetary players are: Dissolving Neptune in the sign of unifying Pisces; deathing Pluto in the sign of restructuring Capricorn; refining Saturn in the higher-mind aligning sign of Sag; expanding Jupiter in beautifying Libra – all adding to the climate of dissolution.   Each planet contributing, in its own way, to the undoing’s required – to hold the frequency of ‘The Offering.’  Venus begins the month in Leo, enters Virgo on the 19th. Mercury goes direct on the 5th at 28 Leo and enters Virgo on the 9th, Full moon on the 6th at 13˚ Pisces 53 conjunct mystical Neptune in Pisces. On the 19th, a New moon 27˚Virgo27 & Venus enters Virgo.

Tip for the week: Feed your Virgo. Plant a seed, cultivate a quality. Ask yourself, “What one quality can I cultivate that will dissolve an old unwanted state? or manifest a desired goal?”

Example: Let’s say your unwanted state is impatience; Your answer may be patience or it may be to shine your love. Know that words are power.  Simply chant the word love as a mantra in your morning meditation and throughout the day.  Notice what changes occur.

TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK. Tune in to See What Expansion minded Jupiter is gifting us before leaving Libra  

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Thanks for tuning in, speak with you again next week.


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