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Unleash Audacity! Week 4 What is Jupiter Gifting us before leaving Libra?

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indexLibra Beauty Sep 22 – Oct 21

Yes balance your days with artistic play. No matter how long the list of to do’s, it will behoove you to make space for Beauty. Art, dance, socialize, romanticize. Choosing to make room for Libra will connect you to Jupiter and further your goals.

As you play with color, sound, form and frequency, you may come up with a new twist or avenue of creativity – that just may enhance your monies – as Jupiter dallies in the last degrees of Libra before moving on to Scorpio October 10th.

Jupiter isn’t traveling alone; he’s mirroring gift giving Uranus who’s opposing him in Aries. Saturn in Sag is courting Jupiter by sextile, adding its strategic spin on how to win dividends from art and ‘Higher Smarts’. This collaboration hints at major aha’s and surprising shifts, lifts and gifts.

All you Libras, all ‘yous’ with Libra rising, Libra Mooned or Mid-Heavened … heck let’s just say, all you’s reading this… Listen for the voice in the wind… You just may be gifted a wish you wanted but thought impossible or improbable. So don’t sluff off what visions come thru at this prime time. Jupiter won’t shine conjunct on Libras sign again for another 12 years!

So make the most of it!  Cultivate your relationship with Source!

Tip for the week: Feed Jupiter, Libra & Uranus. Set time aside to do some artistic play. It could be turning up the music and dancing in a way you’ve never danced before. Or taking out a paint brush, or a slab of clay.

If you’re an artist or if you are used to creative play, make a pack to do something completely different, completely out of your element. If you work with clay, then choose paper mache …

In summary, Unity is the celestial offering this month. Unity can come into being only when you have the audacity to accept your Identity of Divinity. Paraphrased from ‘The Gnostic Circle’

OK Folks, this is all she wrote for the Month of September.  Tune in Next month to see what’s happening in the heavens… till then, enjoy your ride on the celestial tides.

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