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Gem-in-i What is the Gem-in-your-i?

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What is it for which you truly strive?  Are you living in compromise?   Do you audaciously, daringly ask for what you truly want to realize?

5-22-16 pic1Whatever you aspire to, the Gemini in you does best when it conspires to
partner with consciousness of the ‘Higher Mind kind.’

Yes, regardless of your sun sign June is Gemini time and Gemini time is relationship time.  Gemini’s card is The Lovers.  The Highest relationship is with the ‘Self’ and with the Divine.

Gemini is a most auspicious time to question.  Question your
relationship with self, with loved ones, with life!

Question, perception, education, dissemination, communication…
It is mind emptying, list making, note taking time.  Make an outline of your needs and desires.  Write it down…  Prioritize.  Don’t mess with the ‘how’ of it…  Let go, the Universe knows.

5-22-16 pic2

Mercury, messenger of the gods is the exoteric ruler of Gemini

In the Tarot Mercury is The Magician.  Why?  We are capable of calling forth the miraculous with right use of mind.

Those who remain in constant conversation with a power greater than self – the Universe, Higher Mind or God – remain aligned to right use of mind.  Woe to those who hang tight to ego and try to control life by its might.

The esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus.  Beauty, art, symmetry, awareness of the needs of others; staying in tune with the holy trinity by constant contact with Divinity, opens doorways to infinite possibilities.

Two Great Planetary formations are blessing us as we enter the month of June.
A grand trine in earth signs and a Grand Square in the mutables.

Earth Grand Trine
Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo forms this Grand Trine.  The Pluto in Capricorn frequency can be used to help us with the destruction of old, outdated bothersome structures which we have built…

Be they mental, emotional or physical; whether they involve friendships, family or business… we can apply this energy to any area of life which is having difficulty functioning in harmony.   In actuality Pluto involves destruction followed by reconstruction.

5-22-16 pic3Grand Trines consist of three 120˚ angles of relationships.  Earth trines grace us with ease of attraction and manifestation of that which we are focused upon.

The Mutable Grand Square
It is called mutable because the signs the planets occupy are moving, communicative, flexible and changing…  Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini.

The Mutable Grand Square constitutes a dialog between different aspects of self to promote understanding between the four elements: fire, earth, air and water of which we are comprised.  The elements are in a 90˚ angle with one another which encourages mastery through effort.

Fire = Our Energy
Earth =  Our Body
Air = Our Mental state
Water = Our Emotional state

This particular Grand Square consists of:
Saturn, master of manifestation in Sagittarius
Jupiter, Guru of Higher Ideologies in Virgo
Neptune, Miracle maker; King of non-ordinary reality in Pisces
Sun, Giver of light and Venus, Goddess of love and prosperity in Gemini.

Note Jupiter in Virgo is in both configurations.  The wisdom Jupiter gains from the Grand Trine is automatically applied to the Grand Square.

This is an auspicious time to gain clarity of purpose and plans.  Weed out any blind spots or interferences from our mind, our relationships and re look at contracts we’ve made with ourselves, with others and with God.

In my case, I am using these configurations to reassess my mission, my work in the world and restructure my business and inner mind set accordingly.  I’m using the Gemini energy to take on a new study – “The Cards of Destiny.”

In Summary
During this information age, as our attention is constantly pulled toward some outside web…  via the internet… Face Book, email, YouTube and boob tube…

Don’t forget

Make time to communicate with your inner Divine.
Make time to question, pray, call forth
from the Great Beyond of The Mind
Miracles, Magic, Alchemy
so as to do your part to address the needs of these times…

Sondráya Says
Summon up your highest dreams
Dream into being
what you want for your world
and for the world

Why not aspire to walk and work in partnership with ‘Consciousness of the Highest Kind!’

Ashé  Live in loves ray!  Love and Blessings to you all.


Photo Credit – Key 6 Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Photo Credit – Key 1 Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

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