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Yes we are blessed. This solar eclipse crosses the U.S. Are you ready?

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All of us who live in the States are getting an extra special opportunity to shift into a higher reality. It doesn’t matter if you are on the path where you can see it or if it hits a point or planet in your chart.

There is a blessing, a gift in this eclipse for everyone – throughout the world, even. A gift for all of us to connect more deeply to whom we truly be… our soul, our powers, our humanity, our Divinity.

Yes, it’s true, those of you who are being directly hit by this eclipse – will experience this as a major life time shift. And shifting is kind of like birthing a baby. There are times when it won’t feel like a gift at all.

Believe me I know. This eclipse is hitting my Chiron, often referred to as the wounded healer. I have had to sit in fears which I have avoided for years, while they come up to pass through to make room for the new. So, it’s up to you to trust whatever you are birthing is a celestial gift and claim it.

This Great American Eclipse is occurring in the majestic sign of Leo at 28˚ 53” August 21, 2017 at 11:30 am PDT. Leo portal of power; Place of the heart; The sign where we get our courage and creativity; Ruler of the house of lovers, gaming, gambling, entertainment and the arts.

Leo says, let go into Soul. Let Soul claim ruler ship over your ‘self’. Let the Highest of you sit peacefully, powerfully on the throne in your Heart. Allow Highest Power to crown your Soul, not your ego, as Queen/King of your world.

pi2 8-1-17This eclipse can be Key to claiming dominion over your reality. And because unpredictable, humanitarian, higher minded Uranus is in exact trine – It can also be prime time for initiation and elevation for those who walk the Spirit Path.

What is the utmost you can conceive to ask of your Soul – to receive for yourself personally? And what contribution shall you ask for, in order to give to your brotherhood of man?

Leo is about the self – claiming and owning its divine powers of creation. But beware a common fault of Leo – arrogance, and a concern primarily for itself and its loved ones. Be sure to activate the Aquarius polarity – connect with your compassion for community and all humanity – not just those of your heredity or religious beliefs.

You have a role to play to bring thru the highest this eclipse has to offer. Your role is to be as present, centered, grounded and aware as you can possibly be and to ask for what it is you wish to receive and follow the guidance given.

You are being given everything you need to help you succeed in playing your part. You are being given the Magical Corridor of making possible what appears impossible – talked about in last month’s musings.

You are being given the full moon Lunar Eclipse on the 7th at
15 Aquarius 25 to encourage you to eliminate the old assumptions, mind sets and beliefs which could prevent you from receiving all that the Universe wants to give you.

You cannot remain the same and expect to receive the new. Let go your hold on reality, your egoic views. Let the celestial forces that appear to be beyond yourself, guide yourself – out of the false, into the true.

Eclipse particulars:

Eclipses occur on either the south or north node. Eclipses occur in families.  This family is called Saros 145 series.  It began January 4, 1639.  The lastest ones in reverse order: August 11, 1999, July 31, 1981, July 20, 1963.   This eclipse is number 22 in the series. The last will be #77,  April 17, 3009!

Astrologers see this August 21 “Great American Eclipse” as heralding a major turning point for the U.S. for many reasons:

  • First total solar eclipse to be visible coast-to-coast across the U.S. in nearly 100 years
  • First total solar eclipse to be visible only in the U.S. since the nation was founded in 1776
  • The first eclipse in this family occurred at 13 degrees Capricorn, exactly opposite the Sun in the nations birth chart – July 4, 1776
  • This particular family of eclipses has occurred just prior to major events in U.S. history, including the bombing of Hiroshima and the assassination of JFK
  • The August 21 Eclipse (28 Leo) falls opposite the Moon (27 Aquarius) at in the chart of the U.S.
  • The August 21 eclipse conjuncts the fixed star Regulus in the Heart of the constellation Leo. It’s a star known since ancient times for its association with kings and kingship. A solar eclipse conjunct Regulus would have been an omen of the fall of kings.
  • President Trump was born on the day of a lunar eclipse
  • The August 21 eclipse falls directly on President Trump’s rising sign and Mars
  • The August 21 eclipse is an eclipse on the North Node, suggesting something new is ready to be born.

Even for astrology, that’s a lot of cosmic coincidence!

It is definitely a time when we can have nuggets of realizations on the resolving of situations that have seemed unsolvable; mindsets we thought were beyond being transformable.

This is certainly happening to me. The solar eclipse is a direct hit on my north node, the 7th house cusp and Chiron. I am having insights on situations where I had previously given up. It’s amazing, the Divine Arrangements being gifted me… The teachings and teachers who’ve shown up. Which reminds me to tell you:

pic3 8-1-17The eclipse season began on the New Moon of July 23rd
The season ends on Sept 6 at the Pisces Full Moon
Astrologers disagree as to the duration of the effects of the eclipse. All agree the effects will be felt sometime during the eclipse season. Some say the effects of the eclipse can last 6 months to a year, possibly 2 years for those having a direct hit.

In any case, we are living in a major, potentially miraculous time. The question is are you ready? To accept an incredible celestial gift? Are you ready? To do what is required of you? Live in the moment and let go the old to let in the new? And most importantly, use your Life given right to choose! how you would like to use this powerful magical energy!
. . .
If you don’t have your birth chart, this is the time to get one! It is beneficial to know, at the very least, in what area of life this Eclipse is occurring. Understanding the planetary forces behind any occurrence helps us to navigate the most appropriate approach to garner our goals and extract the gold.

This eclipse has motivated me to make computer generated Astrological reports available for you. Each report includes a free copy of your birth chart. During this eclipse season, I will add a special notation indicating what house, (area of life) the eclipse is happening for you personally. Of course, reports can’t take the place of an actual Astrological read which is invaluable especially if you are being targeted. However, a report will be better than no Astro direction at all. They are certainly informative or I wouldn’t be offering them.

Thank you for tuning in, talk with you again in next month’s Musing.

Aho, trust the flow! Ashé, let peace lead your way.

Sondráya, is an Astrologer, Alchemist, Poet, Sacred Dancer, and Fully Ordained Minister. She is enthusiastic about sharing practical ways to support you in opening yourself to the truth of your Divine Nature through the Mystical Art of Astrology. She is committed to serving, educating and helping you attune to the Magnificent Spiritual Renewal of our times and live your Dreams! To schedule an appointment go to

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